NHL Draft Day Arrives- Michael Jackson Memory

I admit it, there is one song of his I liked and that was it…Clearly, his passing lead to the death of any progress on the NHL draft front- I AM KIDDING- ONLY A COMPLETE MORON would suggest that no trades were made because MJ died! One last point on MJ- wholly shit did 640 Toronto and their uber producer Josh Rimmer bring their A game on the Jackson thing! Greg Brady spoke to Pat O’Brien and Jesse flippin Jackson shortly after the official word broke that MJ died. I am not kidding, Brady did an interview with Jesse Jackson. Whether or not you like or dislike MJ, you have to, I say, have to be impressed that Rimmer got JJ on the post Watters show…WOW….

So, here we are draft day. So far, doesn’t look so good for those of us thinking Burke is going to hit a homer. He has all but thrown cold water on our hopes for a splash, but who knows what gets said amongst GM’s in the Sheraton Montreal lobby bar… Here’s hoping Brian Lawton, who had to resort to emails to the league that he was in charge (but Bettman says this is all over blown) downs one to many and takes that last offer Burke has for the #2 pick. Time will tell.

Do you like the Raptors pick? Should I? Vince carter got dealt, now he can go not try for Orlando- good luck to them.

TSM will be hosting a live NHL draft blog tomorrow- right here- myself, LT, Dan and some fellas will be online chatting it up so please stop by. I will post links and info tomorrow….

Hats off to Andy Strikland, Kaberle’s NTC doesn’t apparently go quiet until after the start of the draft tomorrow! I love the banter of multiple draft picks for TK.

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