Raptors are predictable on draft night



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    Given the old Grunwald/Babcock days of thinking outside the box .. I’m happy that somebody is finally thinking like everyone else

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    Al from Burlington12 years ago

    I do not know much about Basketball, and only follow the Raptors with a passing interest. Can someone who understands the game explain if the Raptors have the talent to be a legitimate playoff team. If not, what are they missing?.

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    The Raptors certainly have the talent…but it’s still all a little unclear right now. We don’t know if they are keeping Marion, or who they might get if not. We also don’t know how good DeRozan will be this year, and that’s a huge X factor. I like the Evans for Kapono deal, and I think the Raps should be a low playoff team this year. But put it this way…Every Eastern team is playing for 4th behind Orlando, Cleveland and Boston.

    With Calderon, Bosh and Bargnani, though, the Raps can compete as a middle of the pack team with some potential. Bargnani’s growth in 2009 is huge too.

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    We still need more jam, or to use a hockey phrase “players willing to get their noses dirty”