Schenns or Tavares and Ode to Michael Jackson

Wow brutal day in Hollywood.. How badly do you think the folks who shot that photo of Jonah Hill are feeling right now?

For those who sometimes wonder how Damien Cox has stayed in the business for so long take a look at this blog today. It’s a great read. No really, it may be the best column he has ever written:

“If Burke were willing to sacrifice Luke Schenn, there’s the belief he could get the No. 2 pick in tomorrow’s NHL entry draft and quite possibly the right to draft Tavares, presuming the New York Islanders play along.”

Would you Leaf nation trade Luke Schenn to get to 2? My answer is, it depends on what else he has to throw in. I don’t care what Cliff paid for Schenn, I am only interested in value for value. If Burke believes he gets a better player at #2 then Luke, then he should make the deal.

“The likelihood is that Tavares will be the superior NHL player, certainly in terms of offensive output. Burke wouldn’t necessarily disagree. What he would argue, however, is that Schenn has qualities of leadership and defensive presence that every good team needs, and that sacrificing one top prospect for another just puts the club back on the “hamster on a wheel” process, always making one step back to make one forward and never making actual progress. He understands the specific short- and long-term implications. As part of the process of landing the Sedins for Vancouver, he gave up Bryan McCabe, who at that time was a top-notch, hard-nosed blueline prospect and, to be fair, developed into a quality NHL defenceman with significant offensive ability.”

That’s a great debate. Really, it is intriguing as hell. I only saw JT a few times, so I can’t speak to his abilities and I certainly can’t speak to his character either. Anyone else?

“Will the Leafs one day regret not moving Schenn to get Tavares? Maybe. Then again, there’s also a sweet deal here for Tampa. If I’m Brian Lawton, I would surely look seriously at a deal that gave me Tomas Kaberle or Pavel Kubina, Mikhail Grabovski and the Leafs No. 7 pick (potentially defenceman Jared Cowan, which is what Tampa needs). Most important, however, Lawton should insist on getting the Leafs’ No. 1 pick next year. That could be a lottery pick and possibly even a top three selection, and that would be the kind of Sam Pollock-like move that could really set up the Lightning down the road. ”

That’s the million dollar question, what’s the price?

“But let’s say Burke won’t deal Schenn and Tampa’s not interested in a deal with Toronto. Then position B for Burke has to be the double Schenn. There are those who see Brayden Schenn as a Mike Richards-type player, and this would be an acquisition that would surely grab the attention of the city after last season in which Burke was personally offended by the way many simply yawned as the Leafs once again missed post-season play. Let’s face it. Burke didn’t come to Toronto to be just another sports executive in town. He’s wants to be the Big Kahuna, and, let’s face it, Bryan Colangelo and J.P. Ricciardi haven’t set the bar particularly high.”

How much do you give up to move up to get the second Schenn? Burke has said he likes younger brothers becuase he knows the bloodlines. Anyone watched Brayden play?

“So, in the name of scientific research, I asked my 10-year-old son, a true Leaf fan, whether he’d rather have the Leafs pick up Tavares or end up with two Schenns. “Is Braydon Schenn as good as Luke Schenn?” was his first question. Maybe, was the answer.Hmmm. “Then I would trade for John Tavares,” was his analysis.”

Here is what I will say in young Cox’s defence. In my lifetime, I am fairly sure the Leafs have never had a marquee player of the type that folks are projecting Tavares to be. Yes we had good players. Yes we had all-stars, but we have never had THE GUY. Is John Tavares going to be THE GUY, the NHL Poster Boy?? I have no clue. If you think he is, then…….

“Well, he and I will have to disagree. As I’ve been saying for some time, this shapes up as a draft so deep that the ideal result for the Leafs would not be to end up with Hedman or Tavares, but to get two top prospects. They need numbers as well as talent. So if they could get Brayden Schenn and then Zack Kassian somewhere between No. 10 and No. 20, that would be a good day. Or if they could land Dmitry Kulikov – Burke has already said he’s a Canadian in a Russian’s body – and Scott Glennie, that would be progress. So we’ll see. The sense is this is going right down to the wire, and Burke will be going hard tonight and right up to draft time tomorrow night. For the second straight draft, the Leafs are a team trying to make something big happen.”

Lots of people say Cliff messed up in trading for Schenn. Not that he isn’t a good player. Just that Cliff overpaid. I don’t say that, but I know lots of commentators who do. So, if Burke can get a couple of high picks and not give up much future wise to do so, I agree with Damien. The best part, for my 2 cents anyways is that the the right guy is pulling the strings. Let’s hope he can do half of what he wants. Awsome article Damien!

Sad to here about Michael Jackson. I saw him in concert with the Jackson 5 way back at Exhibition stadium years ago. I can’t think of anyone who took the world by storm as he did. Man did he fall from grace fast. How the hell did he get to 50 too?

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