What is Greg Brady Smoking? Michael Jackson Effect On #NHLDRAFT?

WHAT????????? Greg Brady- whom I have been accused of being a tad soft on, just uttered these words:

“The lack of activity in the NHL world last is due to the death of Michael Jackson”


Oh yea…. can’t you see it? Brian Burke’s cell rings, it’s Brian Lawton who says I would like to talk about the #2 over all pick and Burke says:

“can’t talk- watching LARRY KING”

No- Way



Which of course made me think of this, my favorite Cheers episode of all time!

By the way Kevin Allen just tweeted that Burke may go trade for G. Giguere if the Monster goes elsewhere (not news) but that Toskala would go to Anaheim (big news!)

Talk to you later.



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    Did Brady say that? Wow
    He is certainly not my favorite, but this is such a dumb things to say.

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    Eggbert 12 years ago

    Ease up on Brady TSM 😉

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    Mike S 12 years ago

    He also said recently that he is absolutely convinced that the Leafs will make the playoffs in the upcoming season…………….it will be interesting to see if he is right on that prediction

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    Julian 12 years ago

    I am very offended by this comment. I will not listen anymore. But I will comment on things he says. But I never listen to him. But I have an opinion on him. If you guys don’t tell me what he says, I won’t be able to comment because I never listen, but if you do, then I can comment, because at least then I know about it, otherwise I wouldn’t. I have stopped listening.

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    Julian 12 years ago

    And it is a stuoid thing to say! Agreed!

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    I listen to 640 when they have a good guest, but really im not a Brady fan at all.

    Julian, i assume that is a satire, but about what im not sure.

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    Im not offended at the comment, just think that its a dumb thing to say, and very irrelevant.

    Let him say it all he wants it does not effect me.