Kaberle & #7 for kessel?

Tsn’s bob mckenzie reports that’s the offer Burke is mulling over.

That’s why mckenzie is best in the biz.

Let’s see where this goes



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    That’s a tough one…certainly a legit initial pitch. I guess we need more info re: Burke’s options (e.g. what else is being offered for Kabs – only Burke knows).

    Kessel was picked #5 overall – similar to the Leafs #7 position…but with 2 years of NHL experience, more of a sure thing than the unproven pick. And we don’t give up much in age. So, the Bruins need something significant for giving up the better youngster…is Kaberle too much to give up to offset? Perhaps….I’d look for Burke to try to a lower pick or perhaps a “usable” 3rd liner from the Bruins to put him over the edge. I like the idea of having Kessel a lot.

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    I hope this is totally baseless and that Burke would not even consider such an offer. That said, if Dreger and Mackenzie are reporting it, I suspect there’s something to it. I think Leaf Nation would have a hard time buying into this deal. Kessel is one dimensional, and while he is good in that dimension, he’s not a building block. I just finding it hard to believe that this deal goes down, or maybe I just don’t want to believe that it is even a remote possibility.

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    Kessel is a legit first liner I think and is better than anybody wed get at 7 and probably better than 4-6 as well, but it still seems a bit steep especially considering he is RFA. That being said if its just a first offer I’m sure itll get a bit sweeter.. I wonder if burke would consider trading down and getting a few picks and then sending the first to boston?

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    I don’t like it.

    We give up Kaberle – top 2 defenceman
    #7 pick – for arguments sake lets say Cowen, potential stud behemoth defenceman

    We get – Phil Kessel, potential 40 plus goal scorer (keeping in mind he’s only done this once), and who is UFA after next year.

    Like you said LT if Burke can remove giving up the 7th pick say for a 2nd round pick or another roster player and/or prospect it’s a done deal. I’d hate to lose that #7 spot…especially if by holding that Burke still has the ability to move up in the draft (he sure won’t if it’s gone).

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    I like Kessel for Kaberle .. but us giving up #7 is way too much.. doesn’t really make sense from Toronto’s point of view. They are in the strength position here with Kaberle .. that’s a desperate type of trade.

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    Kessel is not a UFA after next year…………..I believe he is several years away from becoming a UFA………….but he is an RFA right now and I’m sure he wants to cash in on the good season he just had

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    Thanks for clarifying Mike. I mistakingly thought once you hit your RFA eligibility window the next year meant you became UFA but I guess it’s not that simple.

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    Al from Burlington12 years ago

    I agree with Guido, Kessel for Kaberle straight up would be a great deal, but I am not sure the Bruins would do this. A younger player for an older player.

    That being said, the Bruins have a lot of young players and Kaberle would bring the Bruins a lot closer to winning now.

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    I don’t like this deal as it stands

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    Cox says it’s a straight Kessel for Kabs,I can swallow that, but who knows what other offers are out there

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    Heard that too Eggbert…I think it was on 640 that another possibility is: Kessel, Bruins 1st pick (#25) for Kabs and Leafs 1st (#7). Who knows…probably lots of scenarios right now….

    The Guigere for Toskala thing seems to be gaining…Also, Leafs still in on Ryan Clowe.

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    I don’t like the flip of 7 and 25,that would be a deal breaker to me.

    Guigere for Toskala? not sure if I like that either straight up