Nazem Kadri, Toronto Maple Leaf

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    What do you guys think of this pick?

    I thought there was supposed to be tons of action tonight….any clues on what happened?

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    Burke wouldn’t part with Schenn and the top 3, maybe 5 were too good for teams to pass on.

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    Burke missed his flight I think..

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    yerry.take12 years ago

    wow. how anticlimactic :S

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    The Score’s Steve Ludzik reported a couple of weeks ago that Pronger was going to get traded to the Kings………….oops…………..looks like he has the same “sources” as McCown

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    Burke looked humbled,and the interaction they showed of him and rival management didn’t give a very well liked vibe.

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    Thats exactly what i was thinking last night Eggy, every time the cameras panned to Burke chatting with (name) Gm, boy you could just tell that man has no friends outside of his own table.

    I was thinking aloud if his persona and all the hot air he spews is his undoing when it comes to making deals now. Realizing of course these guys are all competing with each other for the same prize, can’t help but wonder if he was more liked if things would be different.

    There is an old saying I remember that I think kind of relates in a way to what I mean:

    “Destroy your enemy by making him your friend”. – Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

    I’m not throwing Burke under the bus yet, still a long way to go but I would have to say that he is 0 for 1 to start the season so far given how high he set our expectations.

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    Today makes me think back to during the season. It just seemed like that was the year for the Leafs to just go for the full rebuilding thing, be awful, and get a really high draft pick. A little frustrating in retrospect.