NHL Draft Recap

Started with a bang, ended with a thud. It was a wild day in rumor land. First we have the Kaberle rumor. Then we have the news that there was a misunderstanding. Did this misunderstanding involve Bill Watters fingers in a fax machine?? I get the sense that whatever Burke was working on get totally thrown off course with the Kaberle thing. It just seemed that there was no wind in his sails. Seems pretty clear that he refused to include Schenn in a deal to move up. Why? Well, I assume he viewed it as making one step forward and one step back. I get that. Is it the right move? I have no idea. At one time another leaf GM wouldn’t deal a few players for Pronger… Hindsight is too easy… I am glad he didn’t make a deal for deals sake. I loved that he got to the podium and just announced his pick- no 5 minute speeches. Personally, I wish he had moved down to get some more picks.

Do you think Burke has a credibility problem now? I am not so sure. The promise was to try to trade up. I doubt anyone can say that he didn’t try. Problem is, in this town, both the media and the fans hang on every word and expectations were set. All eyes and ears were on him and he came up empty handed. Entered at 7 and left at 7, never to be heard from again. How good is Nazem Kadri, you guys tell me. I saw the interviews, sounds like a bright kid…Looks like he has decent hands and can skate.

The Prnger trade is quite amazing. Anaheim, in my mind made off like bandits. The Flyers meanwhile never seem to learn that no matter who is playing on the ice, you are only as strong as your goalie. They paid a steep price for Pronger says he is going to be looking for a long 5 year deal at 6 per.

I get the sense that Maple Leaf nation is down and depressed. That is nothing more than impatience and unrealistic expectations set by Burke himself.

I thought the broadcast team did well on TSN. The most interesting part to me was Burke being miked up. Listening to his dialogue with Murray, Nonis and Gainey was fantastic.

Once again, in my opinion the real winner of the day was technology. Twitter was in full effect. People were tweeting from the draft, others from around the league. For those of you who haven’t taken part in a coveritlive event, you should. It’s very cool. It’s your normal chat room on steroids. In our room I had programmed feeds of several people I follow on twitter that I thought would make for interesting updates throughout. PPP for example, everytime you guys tweeted it showed up as an update in our chat. I had also uploaded videos of most of the guys drafted tonight. We had a great group of 10-15 people out and there was some good stuff.

Norm Rumack is on Casino Grill Room right now, he just said, and this was before the fact, that he would have included Luke Schenn in a deal for any of the (then projected) top three picks.

So, day one done. Tomorrow is day 2 of the draft and then we march on to July 1. Lots to do in a short amount of time. One does have to wonder if Burke had difficulty today, how much success is he going to have over the next couple of weeks. I don’t know, just asking.

So get this…. I am driving home from work tonight. Have to stop at the store to pick up some burgers for the fellas come to watch the draft. I make an illegal right turn and of course get pulled over. Officer asks for my license, insurance and registration, which of course I give him. He is gone for 10 minutes, comes back and says there is a problem. My license plates aren’t coming up in his comptuer as being tied to my car and he has to seize the vehicle. I was given no opportunity to explain, to ask any questions, tow truck arrived car is gone…end of story! Will keep you up to date as this goes on.

Love this quote from Burke in Damien’s blog at this hour explaining why he didn’t deal Luke to Tampa to get to 2 (after the Islanders took Tavares)

“”We’d be without Luke Schenn and I’d look like an idiot,” said Burke.”

enough said.

Cox is here

How did Burke like the boos he got?

“”I will tell you this – the best hockey fans on the planet are not in Montreal, they’re in Toronto,” said Burke. “When we host this event in a couple years this will seem like child’s play for the booing they get in Toronto.”

Ummm, do people remember how brutal the turnout was the last time the draft was here???

So there is another bid on the Coyotes. Much less than Jim, I won’t attend my own rally, Balsillie’s bid. Then the public action group sues the city over lack of information about potential lease concessions. What a mess. Can this story go away any quicker please?

Comment of the night? Mike S, reminded us all that a few weeks ago the Score reported that Chris Pronger had been dealt to LA. Done deal was the report. “The Score had same sources as Mccown”.

Kaberle and Kubina can now be traded…Here’s hoping that if they are he gets something we can rally behind.

Have a good night, more tomorrow.


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