jay bo traded…kaberle nex?

TSN.ca ALERT: Flames acquire rights to D Jay Bouwmeester from Panthers for rights to D Jordan Leopold and 3rd round pick.

So, jay bo’s rights gone, pronger gone…that leaves TK….

Over to you BB


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    Lots of rumours going around saying that Lombardi drafted Schenn out of spite. Tough to validate. I mean who drafts a player out of spite. You draft the best player available I would think, and at the 5 spot all scouts had Schenn pegged as the best player available. Now, maybe he didn’t trade with Burke for the 5th pick because of whatever reasons.
    So how often have we seen a player in the top 5 drafted, and then flipped to another team? I can’t think of any….

    Anyways, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Burke now trade for junior Schenn if he has the ability to do so providing of course what Lombardi wants back. Have to believe Kaberle is included for starters.

    Any thoughts?

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    Even if he hadn’t drafted Shenn, Phoenix might have.
    I wish Burke would STFU,he’s going to screw up the Kaberle market by again being very vocal that “his phone will ring off the hook”

    When will this guy learn