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Sorry, was using a mobile device last night so here is the best from the Blair story:

““In this market, guys are very fortunate when they go through struggles, because it’s not magnified by any means,” Millar, who is hitting .185 over his last 21 games, told ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick earlier this week. “You throw up a 1-for-10 in Philadelphia, New York or Boston, and it’s the end of the world. ”

Kevin Millar thinks the media in this town is easy on the Blue Jays….

“I’m not saying any struggle is easy, because Vernon is definitely trying to cure his thing and get out of it. But you’re definitely fortunate that you’re in another country and you’re playing for the Blue Jays and you’ve got three beat writers instead of 40.” So Millar’s the guy who still reads newspapers I knew somebody did ”

Funny thing is, I think lots of people read the papers, I just think they are reading the wrong ones. In recent times the Post and the Globe have gained significantly on the content from the traditional sports superstars the Star and the Sun. This has, in my mind anyway become a very competitive market for sports reporting.

“Thing is, everybody’s pointed out how poorly Rios and Wells have played and how often they slump. It’s not like it’s just happened this season, you know? But this isn’t a baseball city: it’s a hockey city. It’s also a city without much success in any sport in recent years so, you know, there’s an element of ‘Yeah, whatever,’ at work here. We don’t have a gold standard for sports in Toronto; we have a bronze standard.”

People, as I have told you before are sheep. For the most part they follow what they are told. In this town, the minute someone starts getting ripped a little bit and the press pick up on it, it’s done, game over. I am not blaming the press at all. It’s just the way it is.

“So, here you go Millar: Rios and Wells frequently suck – although it was everybody’s favourite Gritty Guy, John McDonald, who was caught off second base before Wells bounced out for the final out of yesterday’s 5-4 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies and there was nary a boo for Johnny Mac. Anyhow, my sense is general manager J.P. Ricciardi’s all but at the bag of balls stage; that he’s decided any money saved in off-loading Rios or Wells is more important than what’s brought back in return, and that it would have been done by now had Travis Snider not been hurt. The Blue Jays are in danger of a serious revenue crunch that will impact their ability to do on-field business next year. Money’s not coming in, and Roy Halladay needs to be paid.”

Bang! That is they type of stuff we want to see isn’t it? I mean, who cares if we disagree with the opinion. At least Blair has put it out there. Why pull any punches? Blair, then goes a little Simmons and does a quick hits piece…

“Play Along With Brian Burke is the coolest thing to happen to sports writing in Toronto but, I don’t know, I’m not certain I’d want to wear a microphone at the NHL draft the way he did this past weekend. (Although I must admit: Watching Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray slink away when Burke told him the Toronto Maple Leafs were using the seventh overall choice was great theatre. Reminded me of getting blown off at a Grade 8 sock-hop at Morden Collegiate asking She Who Shall Be Nameless if she wanted to do the Stairway To Heaven last dance thing.)”

The best part of the draft, or the only part of the draft worth watching was the Burke clips. The rest was so boring (at least to these eyes). I mean unless you are an CHL/Junior affecinadio how they hell do you know who any of these guys are? Yes you can read all the reports, you can watch the preview shows, but how many of these guys have you seen and for how long? I mean, watching a few clips here and there is not enough to go on. When the other stuff that was supposed to materialize didn’t, well it turned into a watching paint dry event. I mean, hearing the commish announce a deal has been made, which requires an abacus to track (the 478th pick and the 97th pick for number 346 and 65) is really riveting stuff isn’t it???? Burke yapping to Nonis about the media asking why he didn’t trade up was actually entertaining.

“Anyhow, I do like the fact that Burke did his business Friday night and then got the hell off the stage. The way other teams trotted up a token French-Canadian scout or executive to say “Bonjour” and “Merci” was a little much and only added to an already tedious production. There was so much time wasted congratulating the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning the Stanley Cup, I’m surprised people aren’t ripping into Sidney Crosby for not being beside the stage to shake hands with each GM as he filed off.”

Or better yet let’s honour the garbage folks in Montreal for not striking this week! Seriously, get up there make your pick and move on. I thought the NHL had it’s award show last week in Las Vegas…

“Frankly, I think Jim Balsillie’s chances of owning the Phoenix Coyotes are just slightly worse than Alex Rios’s chance of hitting 50 home runs this season. But I expect his camp will be all agog now that the Arizona conservative watch-dog group The Goldwater Institute is suing the city of Glendale for failure to disclose records of negotiations between Glendale and putative Coyotes owner Jerry Reinsdorf. I hope so: I haven’t had the requisite 2,300 daily Make It Seven tweets for a while”

Hey Jeff, you know how you know you are on the low end of the sports editor’s podium? When you get assigned to cover the next hockey to Hamilton event! I mean come on, if Balsillie calls another press conference that he isn’t going to attend, why in hell will one media member show up? The horse is dead already!

“Look, I like to sing Kumbaya as much as anybody but it’s a stretch to see anything remotely altruistic behind the Maple Leafs drafting a Muslim player of Lebanese descent. Really.”

What do you mean. The GTHL hasn’t seen an increase in Lebanese children applications since Burke made the pick???? WHAT??? SERENITY NOW!

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