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“It’s highly unlikely we’ll commit before 12 noon Wednesday. With so many teams potentially making major changes to their rosters, maybe it’s best to wait and watch it unfold first.”

What fucking arrogance. Maybe it’s best if all the teams tell you and your client that if you don’t decide where you are signing by midnight tonight all offers are off the table. Who does this guy, who has never played a minute in the NHL think he is?????? What an arrogant SOB!!! Nice holding up numerous teams plans! I have to believe that this all the agents doing but man does is reflect poorly on the player. I really wish the teams would stick together on this one, but the won’t. Burke should do what is best for the team, but i really wish he would just tell his agent and him to watch the offer unfold at midnight!


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July 1, 2009 12:16 am

Whether or not it is the agent driving this (I believe it is) – it is absolutely the agent that is blowing the communication. If compelled to say something, how about “Jonas is overwhelmed and flattered with the interest that numerous teams have shown – he plans to take some additional time to ensure he makes the best decision for his career and family”…not perfect but way better IMHO.

July 1, 2009 12:39 am

Completely unrelated, but how about Dany Heatley?

Is this guy the biggest douchebag in the NHL right now or what?!? Not that I have any sympathy for Ottawa, but how he can still nix a trade to get him out of Ottawa, as he wanted, for a heck of a return going to the Sens when obviously few teams even want this guy. Talk about just sticking it to the team any way he can, man Melnyk is going to just blow his lid!

Man this guy really really cares about no one but himself. Beyond selfish. Whichever team he does go to he will be an instant cancer. I despise players like him, absolute mercs.

Mike S
Mike S
July 1, 2009 1:05 am

Heatley should have gone to jail several years ago………….the Snyder family is a big reason why he didn’t……………I wonder what the Snyder family thinks of Heatley now

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