Is Burke Working On Blockbuster Deal?

Sit tight Leaf Nation, reliable sources are telling TSM this evening that Brian Burke is working on a sizeable deal at this hour. I don’t know names and I don’t know details. So take this with a HUGE grain of salt…. Word is that the Maple Leafs, Sharks and Blackhawks are going to break bread on a three team deal. Someone is trying to clear the deck to make room for a certain Senator who has been known to kill teammates and needs to clear some space to do so.

I would imagine Kaberle is part of it, but Chicago wouldn’t want him, while San Jose may. Whomever comes this way will be a big name, big ticket forward.

You know I am not the type who floats this these things, but I have enough faith in those talking to me (multiple people) to post it. I know Hanky has it as an E2- which suggests to me it is bullshit, but enough people are talking that there may be some smoke on this. One person told me he thinks it BS only because three way deals are so hard to make….

Let’s see where this goes….


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