Canadiens Maple Leafs Rivalry Dead Or One Sided?

Maybe it’s just me but I found an article in the Montreal Gazette quite amusing. It seems that the Maple Leafs signing of Mike Komisarek has set off some nerves in the land of the Habs.

“Among the thoughts that avoided our delete key, posted before and after Komisarek signed a five-year, $22.5-million contract with the Maple Leafs:

– “I really don’t want to hate Komisarek’s guts, but I can see that’s where this is going.”

– “Mike, I wish you all the success the Leafs have enjoyed for the last 40-plus years!”

– “Good riddance, Komi. Welcome to hell.”

A few suggested that Habs heavyweight Georges Laraque should be instructed – ordered, even – to pummel Komisarek, that despicable traitor, during the new Leaf’s first shift against his old team.

A few deleted comments indelicately questioned the marital status of Komisarek’s parents upon his birth, or suggested that he engage in an activity that is anatomically impossible.”

Really? Now, do you think that is any different if he went elsewhere? I would imagine when a Boston Red Sox bolts and joins the New York Yankees similar things occur. Yes, I know the whole Leaf/Habs thing flared up last season with Grabovsky. My question is, do you really care about the Habs? Seriously, and maybe I am in the minority here, but if Sundin (I can’t think of some other life long Leaf) signed with Montreal last season, I wouldn’t have cared. I would care a lot more if he went to Ottawa, but the reality is there are few places a Toronto player could go that would motivate me to go to a newspaper website and post this type of stuff. When Curtis Joseph, one of my favourite Maple Leafs bolted to go to the Wings, one of my most despised teams growing up, I started to root for the Wings (except when playing the Leafs).

Am I alone in this?

I think the time for this type of stuff went out the door when the NHL expanded beyond 6 teams. Did Seinfeld have it right? Do we root for the clothes or the player? I think in most cases it’s the jersey. There are obviously exceptions. Once the puck drops though we want our team to win.

Is it an erosion of the Habs/Buds rivalry or is it that I just don’t care all that much? I don’t get overly jazzed to see the Leafs play the Habs. When they were in the playoffs last season I rooted for them and not because they were a Canadian team. I think that those of you older than me will say that you still despise the Habs, so maybe it’s a generational thing. I suspect that it’s an inferiority complex on the part of our friends up the 401. I mean, Their baseball team was taken from them, they don’t have a basketball team (do we?). All that is left on the MAIN stage is the Habs. The Nordiques were taken from them too. What remains of their age old rivals is Toronto and Boston. Ottawa is closer geographically, would the same hatred be spewed if Komisarek had signed with the Sens? Maybe our team’s failures have dulled the rivalry from this end.

Little TSM has no clue who the Habs are. He knows you boo the Senators, he roots like hell for Crosby and when he plays on his DS or PSP he wants to be the Leafs or the Pens. The only Maple Leaf he can name is Cliff (ya think he listens to his dad talking to LT too much?). Seriously, he couldn’t name one maple leaf, except maybe Cujo.

I find the Montreal perspective amusing. Am I out to lunch or are you like me?


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