Beauchemin, Gustavvson & The Dumbest Leaf Interview Question Ever?

Here we go again Toronto Sports Fans…

Monday night and lots to talk about:

Rumors are swirling at this hour that the Monster is going to be announced here in Toronto. Main source appears to be Nik Yom Kypreos. Believe it when I see it. If it happens, clearly he was moved by the signing of his good buddy Francois Beauchemin

Ron Wilson may have gotten the good ship Maple Leaf in trouble:

“The Toronto Maple Leafs are under investigation for tampering because of comments made by head coach Ron Wilson about the club’s interest in Daniel and Henrik Sedin prior to the free-agent deadline on July 1.

Leafs general manager Brian Burke confirmed yesterday that the NHL has informed him that the league will examine potential tampering because of remarks made by the Leafs coach in an interview with a Toronto radio station last week. ”

This one could get interesting. There is no question as to what Wilson said on the air. What the league will do about it????

Credit to the Globe and Mail for that story.

Ok, so inquiring minds want to know who the reporter from TSN was who asked Burke if Nazem Kadri’s failure to wear a hat when donning the Leafs Jersey moments after being drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs. For those who haven’t seen the clip- this is a classic. Someone, and it sounds like a female voice to me, asked Burke if that was the case, his response, and comments about all things Maple Leaf and Monster can be seen here:

Do these people think before they ask the question? No really. Why is this religion of Kadri’s even an issue???

“The question remains on if the young Swede will go to a place where the defense is better or if it’s a balanced system. There’s the flaw by the Leafs, who do have a solid defense now, but the fact remains they don’t have many guy who can bury the puck in the back of the net. If Gustavsson cares about goal support, that could be a detriment to the Leafs push in signing him.”

No team is perfect, no team has it all. I suspect he goes to the city where he personally felt the most at home, or the place where he could feel the most at home. If I am Brian Burke, and I really want to land the Monster, he should have Mrs. Turkoglu give the Monster a call, she certainly likes Toronto! That quote, by the way can be found here

The one lesson Steve McNair probably wished he had learned, was that if your girlfriend is buying a gun she may use it on you. How horrible is this story? I really hope that this isn’t the case, and his girlfriend isn’t the one who killed him!

Am I the only one who misses Rick Westhead’s sports/business writing? I know he is writing about a lot more serious matters these days, but I for one wish he was back on the old beat. Selfish of me I know.

Let’s hope there is lots to talk about tomorrow.


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