Rosenthal: Jays are trading Halladay

Ken Rosenthal says Roy Halladay is all but gone in Toronto.

My first reaction to that was “wow, another news outlet spewing crap with no real information.”

But, Rosenthal is pretty well connected, and he knows JP Ricciardi well.

So, let’s assume for the moment that Ken is telling the truth and that Halladay is on the way out…Again, wow. The possibilities here are endless, as explained in his article on Fox Sports:

“The Jays’ goal is obvious: To make the same type of deal that the Indians did when they traded right-hander Bartolo Colon in 2002, acquiring outfielder Grady Sizemore, left-hander Cliff Lee and second baseman Brandon Phillips.

Money is tighter now. Prospects are considered gold. But this is not three months of CC Sabathia we’re talking about. This is Halladay for the rest of the season and all of 2010, at salaries of $14.25 million (pro-rated) and $15.75 million.”

Let me start by saying that if the Jays landed anything close to the equivalent of Sizemore, Lee and Phillips that it would be a huge win for Toronto. A perennial MVP candiate, a Cy Young winner, and an all-star second baseman would be nice, but a lot of that is on JP to properly evaluate the talent of potential prospects.

Rosenthal goes on to speculate as to where Roy might go, and which prospects he might fetch. The list is mighty impressive – here are some snippets:

“Yankees. The Jays will not hesitate to dangle Halladay to the Yankees and Red Sox, who will be perhaps their two most fervent suitors. A’s GM Billy Beane never rules out trading within his division. Ricciardi, Beane’s former assistant, probably would not, either.

Red Sox. Where the Yankees sniff, the Red Sox follow. No doubt the Sox could put together a stunning package for Halladay, starting with right-hander Clay Buchholz. They then would control Halladay and right-hander Josh Beckett through 2010 and lefty Jon Lester through ’14. Wow.

Phillies. They repeatedly have asked about Halladay over the past two years, according to one major-league source.

The Phillies’ farm system has improved significantly. At least one of their supposedly untouchables (outfielder Dominic Brown, right-hander Kyle Drabek, et al) presumably would be in play for Halladay.

White Sox. Ken Williams arranged a deal for Jake Peavy; why wouldn’t he act on Halladay?

Williams’ offer for Peavy, centered around left-handers Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard, probably would not be enough. But if the White Sox were willing to move superstar-in-waiting Gordon Beckham, look out.”

There are others, too. Some ridiculous, while some not so much.

Personally, give me Gordon Beckham and move on. The kid will be an absolute monster for years to come, and I’d take him in an instant if there really is no turning back. Buchholz would be nice, too, but PLEASE, PLEASE, JP, do not send him to Boston. I’d have to stop watching baseball.

By the way, if you’re looking for someone to blame, look no farther than Vernon Wells and Alex Rios.

“They (Blue Jays) probably cannot afford to keep Halladay when they owe outfielders Vernon Wells and Alex Rios approximately $160 million combined from 2010 to ’14. And they know that Halladay would prefer to pitch for a winner anyway when he becomes a free agent after next season.”

One final though, though. The Jays will be good next year. Really good. If JP decides not to trade Halladay, the pitching staff will be dynamite. Unfortunately, if Rosenthal’s right, we won’t get a chance to see it.


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