Sundin To Return to Leafs? Come On Henky…

I was combing various sites looking for interesting Leafs news and/or commentary.  The last couple of weeks has been eventful and interesting but everything stopped today – the abrupt stop was hard to deal with.

I stumbled on a post on Henky’s site from doktordave “Hockey’s Mad Scientist”…I know, I know, what made me go to Henky’s site – well, I was going through withdrawal tonight and couldn’t help myself.  I found a gem that  claims that Mats could return to the Leafs for a farewell tour.  Here is an excerpt – I wont bother to share the link.

“Providing the Leafs can line up the other parts under budget, Sundin would come on board for a minimum price…not sure what that is, but if he likes what Burke has in place, it could set up his farewell year in Toronto…something he’d love to do.”

Who knows if it’s a possibility…and I wont even try to start the debate on whether or not Burke should take a shot at bringing Mats back.  What bothered me about the post is that the writer’s comments sounded as if he had spoken to Mats or a source – just another example of some of the crap that gets posted on Henky’s site which continues to damage the sites credibility.

It will be interesting to see who the first “real” media outlet/writer is that tries to stir up the Sundin-Leafs pot….The only credible outlet that I’ve seen comment on the topic comes from Dan Murphy of Sportsnet…He doesn’t name his source but I’m more inclined to trust the report.  You can read it here.  While I’m sure Mats would prefer to hang them up after having a better season than he did last year, Murphy’s report is likely reality.

Just a late night vent…


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