Summer Off? Me Neither

It’s an interesting time in the Toronto sports scene. The 2 B’s are amidst overhauling Bryan’s Raptors and Brian’s Leafs. The Argo season is just underway and JP’s team may be on the verge of trading the best pitcher perhaps in franchise history (forget Clemens). Compared to the news ravenous hockey season that everyone complains drags on too long, we have reached a lull in the calendar. As a result many of those that we rely on for news and opinion all seem to take the better part of the summer off. Must be nice. Now, I am not saying that anyone taking the time off isn’t deserving. Every working stiff who puts in their time is entitled to a break. Actually, entitled is the wrong word, time away is essential to recharge the batteries and to get re-engages in that which we do on a daily basis. Additionally, I am not saying everyone is off, as clearly the news is getting reported. There are good people writing, blogging and tweeting every day. It is just surprising how many of the industry folks are off at the same time. It’s evident in print, on television, and on the airwaves where many (not all) but many of those we are used to seeing are absent.

To those who have decided (or had it decided for them) to keep us informed during the dog says of summer, THANK YOU.

It is, however another example of just how one dimensional this market has become. The majority of the folks who take extended vacations this time of year are hockey-centric. The free agent frenzy is pretty much over, with the majority of the rush over and news expected to dribble in over the next 6-8 weeks. Clearly, we just aren’t that interested in the Blue Jays as McCown and Watters(to a lesser extent) lead the pack on the long time away list. Watters is clearly a hockey guy who tries to fancy himself as a sports guru. McCown is not supposed to be a hockey guy. He is the sports business guru, who focuses equally among all sports, major and otherwise. So, is it we don’t pay attention as much or they don’t care as much? It seems to me that their is a huge opportunity for some younger, fresher faces to shine. Steve Simmons column was missing from today’s Sun for the second straight week. Why wouldn’t a young cub in the Sun fill in? Don’t have to knock it off entirely but….you get the idea. Over at the Globe where I have sung the Jeff Blair for most improved writer song for a long time, Burnt is off for the summer, gone from the airwaves at the fan and for the most part from the paper too. The absence, to me anyways has had a profound effect. When Brunt wrote last week about Halladay, I couldn’t have cared less about what he had to say. Out of sight, out of relevance. (remember, I am not begrudging Brunt for heading east for a couple of months at all!)

In these quieter times for those we follow on a daily basis there is an opportunity to make an impression for those who may have played second fiddle to more common names in the market. Here’s hoping that those in charge with content on a daily basis allow some, younger, newer faces the opportunity to capture our imagination during this sometimes slow period.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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