Sundin Deserves Better, Jarrett Jack Rocks, Great Toronto Sports Radio & Argo’s Coverage …

So it started with LT’s little Sundin post the other night(in response to a hankeybuzz comment that perhaps Sundin was coming here) and then tonight Ek himself had a tweet about Sundin looking at either the Red Wings or, gulp the Leafs. I was at Mt. Sinai at the time waiting on someone getting a non-emergency MRI, and can think of no better place for me to be should I ever read that Burke has actually signed Sundin. On many occasions we talked about what Sundin owed the Leafs (nothing) and what the Leafs owed Sundin (nothing) but I say this, Sundin deserved

I don’t want to debate whether they should (NO) or whether he would want to come back (NO). What I do believe is that Mats Sundin deserves a better ending to a career than he just had in Vancouver. I know what his stats were, I know what he did, I know the ice time he got and who he played with etc. Spare me. I am just saying the guy has had one hell of a career. He played his ass of for Toronto and has little to show for it. It would be nice, I mean really nice if he could go out the right way..If, and I will say it again, IF a team like Detroit would seriously resign him, that would be FANTASTIC. There are no guarantees in life, but I would lay decent money on a return to the final four for the Red Wings next year. Even if he didn’t win the cup, to go out on a team like that would be the way for a guy like Sundin to ride off in the sunset. One caveat, he should, if he is going to do it, sign for the whole year, be there from start to finish, like he said he thought he had to. Let me say this again. I am in favor of Mats signing with a team, not ours, but a team who will contend this year so he can go out the way a guy who had a career like he did should.

So, there has been lots of banter about guests on PTS, I think that’s awesome. It’s validation of this site. What’s great to me is that we are finally seeing some new talent really emerge as top notch writers in this city. Brunt seems to universally loved, to me he is finally being pushed by some other general columnists. What a group the folks at the Globe have put together.. Brunt, Blair, Grange….in addition to the other writers. Grange has been on both networks of late, joining Griffin and Cox as guys who have crossed their streams. I really like PTS when Blair or Arthur are on. They aren’t the typical (Kelley) Mccown sidekick. It’s good old fashioned radio….

Speaking of good radio. I really miss the Sam Mitchell interviews on the fan. I used to listen to those calls every week, even sitting in the car longer so I could hear him with the fellas. On the NBA side, especially the Raps, the team lacks the public personality that Sam was. Triano just isn’t a character. Today, Watters and Brady interviewed Jarrett Jack of the Indiana Pacers. Jack is the former college roommate of one Chris Bosh. The Raptors signed Jack to an offer sheet, as he is a restircted free agent. Perhaps DL will fill us in about the capabilities of Jarrett Jack as a player. I can tell you this, HE IS A CHARACTER! I don’t care what he does on the court, this guy is fantastic. He is what pro athletes should be. He has charm, personality, he clearly gets it. More importantly, he brought Watters and Brady out of their chairs and into their A games, especially Wilbur! I have said this before, not only his Watters on too often, he is at his worst when he is talking hockey and talking hockey to those he knows. It is the least compelling radio you will ever here. When he doesn’t know the person and he doesn’t know the subject as well, he is every bit as good an interviewer as anyone else in the market! Seriously! Find old clips of him talking to guys out of his circle of comfort. He asks questions that you and I would want to ask. You can tell he is interested, he thinks about the questions and he comes across as genuine. In the piece today with Jack, Watters had the balls to ask Jack how much of raise he was getting as a result of the Raptors offer sheet, Jack, actually answered the question!(about three times what he made last year!). I can almost guarantee you that very few reporters have ever asked a player that type of direct question on the air. Fewer have ever answered it. Jack talked candidly about his relationship with Bosh, that he joked with Bosh that Bosh better be here for all 4 years of Jack’s offer if it holds. He talked about Bosh adding bunk beds to recreate their dorm room form Georgia Tech. Seriously folks, the 640 site isn’t the best for listening to, so click here to navigate to the clip- it’s good.

Speaking of good, I know many of you are, like me not huge fans of the Argos and the CFL. Having said that, as i do every year, I am trying again to like them and enjoy the product. Did any of you catch the @yyzsports twitter tweets live from the game? Or the pre and post game blogs? Our man Marc was there and did a great job bringing you all the action. We are trying to bring you more of that type of coverage (if you want it) so give Marc a shotout and let him know how you think he did. He’s a student at College of Sports Media and gonna be a great edition to a paper, radio station or network somewhere!

Eklund has broken news of a coup in Chicago. Dale Tallon has supposedly been let go and replaced with Scotty Bowman’s son Stan. If this is true, don’t expect Tallon to be on the sidelines too long. The Panthers should run to hire him.

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