Maple Leafs Gone To The Birds- Loewen Exposed & More

Finally, I mean FINALLY someone took notice of the piece of crap daily column that appears in the Toronto Sun sports section!! For the longest time I really thought it was only me!

“From the Department of What Might Have Been:

Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum were the starters in baseball’s all-star game last night.

Imagine them as teammates.

It almost happened 19 months ago, when the San Francisco Giants offered Lincecum to the Blue Jays for outfielder Alex Rios.”

No, that isnt how this went down Mr. Loewen, it was the other way around! It wasn’t JP (whom you all know how much I love) who had to be talked into this, he pitched this deal to the Giants. The implication from reading Loewne is that it was JP who blew this one and that is entirely unfair. Greg Brady, FINALLY called Loewen out for his ummmm “reporting”, going so far as calling Loewen a liar and suggesting that perhaps Loewen needs to both apologize to JP! It was classic radio this evening. I say it again, For the good work that the good writers do, it only takes on Loewen to spoil the lot.

So I asked the question about the Marlie head coaching gig and a few people emailed me that Dallas Eakins got the gig. If that is the case, it isn’t anywhere publicly. Eakins is the director of player development on team Burke. At least so far, no one is listed anywhere as the Marlies coach.

So I see where the NHL has re-upped it’s deal with NBC. Are those of you stateside pissed? Here, in Canada it doesn’t really matter that much, we get every game every second, everywhere. What it does mean is that come playoff time, an NHL game will likely be moved from one network to another “because of that damned horse race!”. For my 2 cents, you can’t have a viable sports product in the USA and not be on ESPN is some way shape or form. If this NBC deal prevents that, then it is a mistake.

I also see where Bettman told the world today that all is fine in his little world. Hell yes it is, if you brought home 7 million extra large, wouldn’t you be telling everyone just how great things are????

Anyone surprised by this news?

“A federal judge Wednesday sentenced former NFL player Travis Henry to three years in prison for financing a drug ring that moved cocaine between Colorado and Montana.

Henry, 30, of Frostproof, Fla., was arrested by federal drug agents last October – just a few months after the running back’s release from the Denver Broncos”

Didn’t think so.

Great stuff in today’s Chicago Tribune on les affairs Tallon. Get a load of this:

“And then there was Hawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz weighing in on what Stan Bowman brings to the job that Tallon couldn’t.

“He’s 36, Dale’s 58,” Wirtz said. “We always want younger people, so what he brings is a system in place to get better. It’s nothing that Dale was doing, but also Dale’s at the tail end of his business career. I’m at the tail end. I’m 56. I want my son and cousins to do better than I am. I have a son who’s 32. I hope they are constantly pushing me.

“We constantly want to bring younger people up in the organization. We don’t want a bunch of players that are 42 years of age on the ice. There’s a reason for that.”

Paging Dale Tallon: Your attorney is on line 2 talking excitedly about an age-discrimination suit.”

Of all the asanine things for an owner to say, that has to be right up there as numero uno. I mean Ballard had the whole Soviet Airplane thing, but what the hell was going on in Wirtz’s head when he said this?? Clearly things have been smoothed over as Tallon was forced to speak to the press today and predictably said all the right things. Remember the story about the Blackkhawks players going to his dad’s funeral??? Tallon is a class act. He got a 2 year extension, probably at decent coin and the ability to take another job with another team should the opportunity arise. However, the truth, will come out.

2 things of interest here, 1. The blackhawks are in deep trouble cap wise, all the experts are saying, yet they just promoted their capologist to GM! 2. More importantly, Wirtz wants younger guys in the office, why did he just hire Scotty freaking Bowman!!!!

Sports news tonight is hard to come by, so I provide you this tale of a missing parrot:

“there’s a missing talking African Grey Parrot from Niagara Falls that knows how to use the F-word, asks for a beer when she’s thirsty, and chants “go leafs go” whenever there’s a hockey game on television.

It also knows how to sing Frosty the Snowman, can count numbers from one to 10, and when someone turns on the vacuum cleaner it reminds everyone in the room “don’t make a mess, don’t make a mess.”

The four-year-old parrot, who goes by the name of Biscuit, went missing on Sunday from Bill Brown’s home on Fairfield Place near Kalar Road in Niagara Falls.

“It’s a very smart bird,” said Brown, adding everyone has been devastated because Biscuit is just like one of the family. They’ve had her since she was six months old and it would cost about $2,400 to get another one.

The African Grey Parrot has a beautiful and majestic appearance and is considered by experts to be one of the most intelligent birds. It is often referred to as a bird that has both “brains and beauty.” Because of their level of intelligence, they require a great deal of attention and patience.

Biscuit is grey in color, is about 14 inch high and has a red tail.

The family has put up posters, talked to people in the neighbourhood and notified the humane society, but they’ve had no luck.

Brown said they have a big dog named Chevy and what might of happened is that a car outside caused the dog to bark, that frightened the parrot which managed to escape through a screen door.

“We didn’t realize she was missing until I went looking for her. We found her about three hours later but she flew over the house toward the hydro field near Pitton Road,” said Brown.

He placed her cage in the field for a day hoping she might return looking for food, but that didn’t happen.

Biscuit had her wings clipped so the family didn’t think she could fly. They wonder if the wings managed to grow back.”

That really sucks. But friggin cool is it to have a bird that chants go leafs go…It’s the avian version of Howard Berger!!!!! Seriously folks, if you see a Grey Bird chanting go leafs go, call Nelson Millman, I mean 905-380-0662. For more on the beer drinking, potty mouthed maple leaf rabid bird click here

Speaking of Howie, who is drinking some colored kool aide while up north, in his blog he implies that one Tomas Kaberle will be dealt before the middle of August when the window to do so closes. I still say he goes to Boston, but what the hell do I know?

Jeff Blair, @globlair tweeted tonight that he thinks there is only a 40% chance of Roy Halladay getting traded. FYI.

Oh, and the NHL Schedule game out today……in other news, the sun came up today too.

Fairly reliable sources are telling TSM tonight that it is looking less and less likely that the Indiana Pacers will match the Raptors offer sheet to Jarret Jack. No of course Bird (see a theme here, Jeff Parrot, missing bird, larry bird?) could pull a 180 (that never happens in basketball) and decide otherwise, but it appears that Jack will be a Raptor sooner rather than later. To those on either the Fan or 640 who read this, go get him signed up for a weekly spot- the guy is good.

Also good? Richard Griffin on 640 with Brady and Watters, if they were smart they would try to go exclusive with him because he is very good on the radio.

Have a good night folks, TSM

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