Feast Or Famine on Toronto Blue Jays Coverage

Feast or famine in this city when it comes to reporters. In one corner, at least with Blue Jays we have Griffin, Blair, Elliott and Arthur in addition to a few others who can actually really write. On the other hand are the lazy Loewen’s of the world who can’t even be bothered to do any research before writing a column, or eek god, proof reading it. Before you shit on me for my shitty grammar or spelling, I don’t get paid to do this. I do it for fun. Get a load of this:

“Medicine jest

St. Louis Cardinals star Albert Pujols doesn’t have any problem if drug-testers want to visit him during the off-season.

“They can come and check every place in my house, they can even come with me in my bathtub. I have nothing to hide,” Pujols told ESPN.com.

Hey, Albert, they’re not checking for rubber ducks.”

That is not, I repeat how Loewen’s article appeared in the print version of today’s paper nor the electronic version until one Greg Brady bashed the living shit out Loewen both on the radio and on twitter. Loewen had Albert as Louis, not once but twice.

Meanwhile, down the paperbox is Bruce Arthur:

“Sure, Aaron Hill started in the All-Star Game, and Halladay met Barack Obama, and … uh, OK, they’ve kind of lost 12 of 15. There’s not a lot else to be excited about. But this team has been headed for a fork in the road for a long time, and what happens with Halladay is going to send them down one road or the other. Right now, the Jays are neither an entirely young team, nor an entirely veteran team. They have a 33-year-old shortstop, a 33-year-old catcher, a 34-year-old third baseman, and a 33-year-old closer; they also have a 25-year-old DH, a 24-year-old rookie-of-the-year candidate pitcher, injured 27- and 24-year-old pitchers, and Alex Rios, who at 28, has all the maturity of a seventh grader. And in the middle, in his prime, they have Roy Halladay. He is what gives any hope of eventual contention any whiff of legitimacy. Without Roy, the rotation is just a bunch of guys who aren’t ready, who might get healthy, or who are scraping out better-than-expected results, most of the time. A bunch of arms, but no spine.”

Ding Ding Ding. Give the man a prize. This, is a completely accurate assessment of the Jays. People say Leaf nation looks at the world through blue and white colored glasses, have you ever heard a shitty thing said about any Jay prospect?????? Arthur hits more homeruns in this column than Alex Rios has hit all year.

“Last night on The Fan 590 radio, Jays interim CEO Paul Beeston mentioned to host Bob McCown and to this reporter that he had not discussed a potential contract extension with Halladay, but that he would within a week, and said money would not be an issue were Halladay amenable to such a deal. Which makes it feel like it might be Halladay, 32, who has nudged this process into motion. Before this season started, Halladay said some things that look a lot more ominous today.”

Anyone who suggests this is about money with Roy isn’t telling the whole story. The Jays would give Roy a blank check. The problem is that JP has so poorly managed his money by signing “albatross” contracts that they have no money for anyone other than Roy! Do you blame Roy for wanting to say I have given you enough chances, I no longer believe?

“If Roy goes, this team will have decided what it is, and had better damned well commit to it. No more fantasies of beating the Yankees or the Red Sox or the Tampa Bay Rays right now. No more qualified promises that maybe, if everything breaks just right, the games might mean something again, just over the next hill. Instead, go the way of the Orioles, who have young talent, and some thin strands of hope. Become the team of Adam Lind and Travis Snider and Romero, rather than of Halladay and Vernon Wells and Rios. Spend the money smarter. You can keep Halladay or move Halladay, but one way or the other, have a plan. The Toronto Blue Jays don’t have to become Kansas City or Pittsburgh or Washington, stranded and lost. They just have to find a way, one day, to avoid being counted among them.”

I agree, you can’t be half pregnant. The problem is the deals JP has signed has tied his and the next GM’s hands. It would be nice to have a faith in a GM and his plans for the team. Right now the team is stuck in neutral. Sounds like another team in Toronto used to be until they found the right GM.


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