Red Wings Maple Leafs Memories

So, here I am back in the Motor City. Quick stop over this type, got in around 6pm tonight and will be back in Toronto Sunday night. With it being dead quiet tonight, or all week in Maple Leaf land I thought it was a good time to look at some Maple Leaf/Red Wings moments. In recent memory this has to be right up there no?

This next one was a game I was lucky enough to be at:

I am not sure of a Maple Leaf player who played for such a short time as Mike Foligno did but had such a quick love affair with Leaf Nation:

There were some epic battles between Probert and Maple Leaf players, here is a quick summary of Probert v Clark and Probert v Semenko:

Wendel and Probert had some beauties, this is one of the best I remember:

Long before my time, the Leafs actually won a cup, here in 1964 :

Got any of your own?


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