Funny Leaf Coverage On The Internets

“99% of the time I report on simply what is being discussed.”

That, is funny shit.

I mean, how many “people” out there either online or otherwise can really say they are reporting on what is being discussed? 1? 2? 5? 10??? How much misinformation is out there in this age of the internet? First, if you want to know how many people really know what is being discussed, count the number of GM’s there are. Those are probably the only guys who know what is being discussed. From there you can add the odd scout, agent and maybe player. From those groups there are big mouths, misdirectors and plants. Big mouths, people who know something, maybe not all, but something and can’t keep their traps shut. Then there are the misdirectors, folks who may or may not know shit, but who talk, but not about what is really going on, rather they offer up the wrong information as a distraction. Then of course there are the plants. People who may or may not something who speak for the intent of getting things going.

Then there is the press. Those whose job it is to try to make sense out of this crap. The good ones know who is legit, who is spreading shit and when something is really going on. There are very few in this class. There are others, especially in the blogosphere who are mathematicians. That is, they can put two and two together to get 4. Team a has a glut of goalies, team b’s goalie is hurt, therefore they are talking. I do also believe there are those who simply make shit up to sell papers, or clicks. I am a big fan of the website I love the trade rumour section. The best posts (and I say that entirely with tongue in cheek) is the proposal posts. I mean, what’s the difference between those posts and the brains who call talk shows with these trades that they dream up in between classes and recess???

So, for someone to come up with a rumour rating system and to say “99% of the time I report on simply what is being discussed.” is pretty fucking funny. I mean, Tomas Kaberle is tradeable for until what, August 15th? How hard is it to deduce that if he is going to be traded that Burke would be talking about him??? How hard is it to come up with a list of teams who would be looking for a player like Kaberle??? Hankey site is brilliant for one thing, entertainment. He started during the lockout and is the pre-eminent example of how information crazy hockey fans are. It’s:

“However, and e5 is nothing like an E1, E2, E3, or E4….An E5 is supposed to be a done deal. For the most part, save a very few instances in the last four years, e5s have been you can “take it to the bank” deals. Over 80 e5s have been reported with 4 false positives. But remember, I can only report what I am told”


Then there is the sad and pathetic:

“Once again, sports fans in Toronto — a.k.a. Loserville — must look to a change of weather for a small glimmer of hope.”

Raise your hand if you think, anyone person cries harder into a pillow each time a Toronto team loses than Howard Berger. I love his Toronto sucks posts. Why? Cause it kills Toronto’s number one fan more than anyone when our teams fail.

“No wonder the Kool-Aid is in fully supply for the Leafs. Fans are convinced the addition of defensemen Michael Komisarek, Garnet Exelby and Francois Beauchemin will enable the club to make up 13 points in the standings and qualify for the playoffs. Of course, that’s assuming every other team in the East stands still. Promises from the Blue & White have been a dime a dozen in recent decades; accomplishment has been sporadic, or non-existent. But, hope always runs rampant in the warm months. As for the Raptors… well, talk about promises!”

Who the fuck is convinced that the Leafs as they are today are playoff bound? I haven’t heard one fan gurantee that? Everyone seems to be inline with the small steps. What promises have the Blue and White made other than that the playoffs are the goal? Isn’t this the same clown who hadn’t heard about nor believed in “tank”ing in the before??? I mean in Berger’s world, team play to win every night right?? I have no problem with the theory that guys like Wilson and Burke wanting to win every night. I have no problem with the same theory about players. We fans, don’t have to give up or fandom to realize that perhaps the best thing short term is in not making the playoffs. I will say this again. If Leaf fans were head over heals in love with their team, runts like Berger wouldn’t have a job. There would be no reason to send the Miami Dolphin wearing reporter on every roadtrip if Leaf fans were, ummmmmmm Jays fans. Seriously, consider this, How many roadtrips does Wilner go on? He is the closest thing the Fan has to Berger for the Jays right? I know the jobs are different, Wilner does pre and post games on the fan, but he certainly appears to be just as knowledgeable on basbeall as the guy who doesn’t watch any non-leaf games is.

Why Berger dumps on Toronto as much as he does is remarkable. One day it will eventually lead to his downfall. The worst part is, it’s a total fraud. He is the biggest closet fan out there.

Have a good night


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