Marlies Coach is Coming- Sykora Isn’t

Short Maple Leaf update this evening folks. I did have the good fortune to chat via email with Brian Burke today. I asked two simple questions and Burke was too kind to respond to both with prompt efficency:

First I asked Burke if, despite Petr Sykora’s age Burke had any interest in the Stanley Cup winning forward. Burke said that while he had Petr on his team in Anaheim and really liked him a lot, he has no interest in Petr for the Maple Leafs. I am not totally surprised, but nothing ventured nothing gained. Personally, I would love to see Sykora in blue and white. I think he would be a good addition to the forward group as he can put the puck in the net.

Secondly I asked Burke for an ETA on an announcement on the Marlies head coaching position. Burke wrote that he hoped to be in a position to make an announcement next week. it is interesting to note that I checked with a couple of other folks around the league tonight and none had heard anything, much to their collective surprise, about the Marlie job. When I asked the other folks if they had any opinion on the rumored front runner, Dallas Eakins many said that they would be surprised if Eakins got the post but that they really hadn’t heard anything about the next coach of the baby leafs. Eakins currently works for the Leafs and therefore if he were the guy (and we are really about a week away from an announcement) the fact no one is talking may suggest that the candidate is in fact a person currently inside the leaf organization.

I can tell you that Burke is in fact back from his fishing trip and was at work before 6 o’clock this morning! One can only assume that with about a month to go until training camp there is much work for him to do.

Sorry the nightly update is so short.


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