Will (And should?) Pops be back with the Raptors?

Want him back?
Want him back?

Pops Mensa-Bonsu has gotten plenty of love from Raptors fans. Since joining the team in March, he gave the team a spark off the bench, something that was sorely lacking most of the season. Pops rebounded well, too, and that’s the kind of player that fits somewhere on most teams.

A lot of fans want him back, especially if Rasho Nesterovic signs elsewhere. Others might just rather take Pops (I wouldn’t but it’s close) and plenty of blogs have speculated that BC will, and should, bring him back.

Today (yesterday?) Doug Smith’s blog had this:

“Hold on to your hats, folks.

I heard the name yesterday when I was talking to Bryan after the Jack news conference.

Pops Mensa-Bonsu.

Really, I did. Was the first time I’d heard it in conversation with anyone remotely in charge of the team.

Now, before you all run out and grab up those Legend jerseys, consider this: At best – at the very, very best — he’s the 16th man on a team that can only have 15. That means unless Bryan finds someway to make a one for none trade (maybe Ukic) there is no room for the obvious fan favourite.

(Of course, Bryan could trade Marcus Banks for no one but that would signal the apocalypse had arrived and it wouldn’t matter because there’d be no future).

So, yes, they know Pops is out there (and apparently his agent calls about a dozen times a week just to remind people in Toronto that (a) his client likes it here and (b) the other offers are flooding in). But it’s a long, long way from knowing he wants back and bringing him back.”

It’s not like this is anything earthshattering – Still, it’s good to hear it from a source who if anything is extra careful. Obviously, it’s not just speculation at this point.

On the same theme, would Pops even be the next best option if Rasho doesn’t sign? He’ll be fairly cheap, that’s for sure, but are there other players the Raps should pursue? I actually have another recent ex-Raptor I’d be interested in – More on that tomorrow (later today – too many of these, I know…But I’m tired, it’s late).

Does Roko get moved? Should he? It’s still early in his career at this point and remember how bad Jose Calderon was in Year One?

Just some more thoughts to mull over and discuss in what’s been a busy, busy summer for the Raps.


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