No Valentines Day For Mike Toth

Old Tother probably is sleeping on the couch tonight. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Erin Andrews thing, and according to the Globe and Mail, Mike Toth expressed his opinion today:

“On The Fan 590, Rogers Sportsnet host Mike Toth suggested that young women including Sportsnet co-workers Martine Gaillard and Evanka Osmak get by with less than perfect knowledge of sports.

“This is going to sound harsh,” Toth said. “But be that as it may, here it comes: There are no female sportscasters that I can think of that have more knowledge than their male counterparts.”

Toth also suggested that women at his network get more promotional outings and publicity because of their looks: “From a public relations standpoint, do you want Mike Toth to MC your golf tournament? … The females within the confines of Sportsnet’s newsroom get more of an opportunity to do that sort of thing.”

WOW- Give Toth full marks for one thing, putting it out there. I have no problem with Toth if he really believes that. I think it’s an asinine comment, but I fully respect him for speaking his mind and giving his opinion. Unlike others who hide behind innuendo and other comments, Toth has definitely told it like he thinks it is.

I can think of instances in my life where I have felt that a woman sportscaster was more knowledgeable than some of her male counterparts. The Red Wings had a beat writer name Cynthia Lambert that comes to mind. Helene Elliott, an LA based hockey writer is more knowledgeable than some of her male counterparts on the beat across the league. Furthermore, isn’t knowledgeable a subjective test. I mean do sports journalists ever get tested??? I think this is a pretty ignorant comment by Toth. He is entitled to his opinion…I just happen to think he is ignorant.

I don’t get those who are saying things along the lines of Andrews’ getting what she deserves. The fact that someone bugged two different hotel rooms of hers is scary. How do we know that those rooms aren’t still bugged. No matter what she has said, what she has worn, how she looks, or how knowledgeable she is, there is no way she deserved this.


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