I Smell Bullshit

Funny how things are running in parallel between two of our teams, the Jays and the Maple Leafs. Take a look at the GM’s, what they are saying publicly and of course their current dillemas. For JP, Beeston and Rogers folks it to trade or not trade the best pitcher the team has ever had. For Burke, it’s to trade or not trade the most valuable asset he has, Tomas Kaberle. The media following both stories are, to a certain degree selling the same story, without drawing the compairson.

First lets look at the Kaberle. We know, or are lead to believe he was as good as traded hours before the draft for Phil Kessel. Since that deal died we haven’t heard much on Kaberle. Burke, or Nonis now have about 19 days to decide what they are doing with #15. Burke went public last week in saying that he know very much doubts that Kaberle will get dealt.

Then there is the mess that is the Jays. J.P. Ricciardi is a walking PR circus. No one believes anything that come out of his mouth. However, as the scribes across MLB are pumping out stores on this J.P. Ricciardi, is saying that he very much doubts that Kaberle, I mean Halladay will get dealt.

Our very one Jeff Blair who is carrying the torch in the Doc stories races these days seems to think that J.P. Ricciardi’s words may not be anything more than an attempt to up the ante. Jayson Stark at ESPN says the Phillies turned down a Jays offer and in kind the Jays turned down the Phillies counter offer. Down the dial, the good folks at Foxpsports are saying the Angles, Phillies and Red Sox are in the mix with the Yankees lurking.

I love this bit from Stark:

“The Blue Jays have spent the last 24 hours trying to get the word out that they don’t have to deal their ace. In the next few days, everyone will find out whether they’re serious, or just trying to ratchet up the price.”

Can’t the same thing be said about Burke and the Leafs? No I didn’t get water on the brain this weekend (well, I probably did, but it didn’t effect my logic). Kaberle is no Halladay. No one, not even a blue jay live blogger on the score would say that TK is one of the best if not the best D in the league as Doc is in MLB. Take TK away from the Leafs and they aren’t nearly as lost as the Jays are without Roy.

If it’s possible, if not logical that the Jays are denying a deal with Doc is likely, than why too can’t Burke be doing the same thing with TK? Personally I think they are both selling it and working it at the same time. The real question I have is, does it really matter? I mean if you are an an NHL GM are you buying what Burke is telling the Toronto Star? If you are a Baseball GM are you less inclined to deal for the best pitcher in the game because the Globe and Mail quotes the GM as saying he doesn’t have to deal him??

Hell no in both cases. It’s all about symantics. The truth is both guys have to do what they can do maximize returns on key assets. Neither can afford to lose their guy for nothing. So while the best of scribes put dealing Roy at 40% today, and a NHL writer has TK at 50-50, i am not buying either until the clock strikes passed the real deadline on both occasions.

By the way, there was not a whole lot to write about in any of the Sunday papers today, however I did like it that Simmons and I agree on one thing, hit the brakes on trading Justin Pogge. I mean you just hired the guy you claim is the best in the business and then you go “giveaway” a goaltending prospect??? WHY???? Unless Burke comes out and says that the coach says Pogge is a complete and utter dud, why not wait it out?????

Have enough rain this weekend? Don’t worry, it should help keep Mayor Miller’s Rats at bay. I will say it again, let the strikers stay out forever. I don’t miss them or the lousy service one bit!


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July 27, 2009 12:29 am

Halladays deal has to be atleast as good as the bartolo colon deal. And I think riccoardi is right, we don’t HAVE to deal Halladay. And Pogge should get one last chance. We are not gonna get anything more than a 4th rounder for him so might as well just give him one more kick at the can. And speaking of the garbage strike, any bum of the street can do their damn job. They want to get compensated like they are professionals? People who’ve put themselves through university work for less and these high school dropouts want cash. Fcuk that.

July 27, 2009 8:37 am

Ricciardi has made a mess of the Doc situation, frightening to think this guy is steering the ship on one of the biggest decisions for the franchise.
The Pogge situation irks me too. Tell us why he will be moved because it just doesn’t seem to make sense otherwise. Worst case scenario is he ends up as a back-up to Reimer after given the opportunity to compete for playing time. this one’s a puzzler.

July 27, 2009 9:49 am

I agree with all re: Pogge….makes no sense to move him for a low draft pick. Let Allaire spend some time with the kid to see if he can salavage his career. Even if he doesn’t move up the depth chart – at the very least there’s a chance he could improve and get a better return in a move later.

Re: Garbage strike…no sweat off my back so far….the city needs to get spending under control – especially since our Mayor doesn’t have a creative bone in his body to increase revenues to balance the books.

Re: Halladay – My starting position is – don’t move him. Get a new GM in place and have Beeston sell a plan to the Rogers Board to squeeze more cash out of the owner (to add to the roster) and roll the dice for next year. Besides; how much of a premium will we get for Doc now versus mid-season next year? Most in the know suggest likely nothing. The only real risk is injury.

Re: Kaberle….if Burke wants to add a top 6 forward before the start of the season – Moving Kabs is his only option. If that’s not critical this year, fine. But a d-man or two needs to move before the start of the season – even if it is a lesser “d” for picks.

As for GM’s and what they say in the press v. reality? Well, that’s pretty much the standard….they say what they want to say for their desired outcome. The difference is that Burke rarely if ever all out lies and is trusted to do the right things for the team and based on a well thought out plan…JP has become untrustworthy. period.

July 27, 2009 7:49 pm

To be honest, I don’t really see the similarities too much – other than they’re both guys who might get traded soon. The Halladay situation is pretty unique.

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