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Not much out there at this hour, however old TSM is off to Atlanta tomorrow so I am not sure how much time I will have to add in the am.

“Burke, in an email Monday night, said he liked, Primeau’s “size and compete level.”

“He can really help us if he can stay healthy,” continued Burke.

“he was on the ice Monday with Keith teaching at a hockey camp in the Owen Sound area where he spends his summers. That’s where his wife found him to let him know that Calgary GM Darryl Sutter was trying to reach him.

“I figured I was on the move,” said Primeau, who is joining his seventh NHL team. “I turned to my friend and said that if I’m going somewhere, I hope it’s Toronto.”

“I really enjoyed playing for Ron,” he said. “He was just one of those guys that if you worked hard he rewarded you and he just showed a lot of confidence in me. A big part of hockey is confidence and he brought my game up to another level.”

Burke wrote Monday night that he is still looking to move another defenceman, or at least listening to offers, though last week he said he’d be “shocked” if Tomas Kaberle – the player who could likely bring the most in return – wasn’t in Toronto’s opening night roster.

“(It’s) still crowded back there,” he said. The Leafs have nine defencemen who will arrive at camp with realistic expectations of being on the NHL roster.

All those of quotes came via the Toronto Star.

As I crawl around the net tonight I am seeing a lot of unhappy Leaf fans. Howie, will of course say that this is just delusional Leaf Nation over-valuing Stralman, or some other annecdote from his in-laws stately mansion in LA. I think this is the type of deal we can expect from Mr. Burke. Not every deal is going to be a homerun. I think sometimes you will see him make moves that may appear to be a backwards step or one to the side….I am willing to bet, at least for now that this part of a bigger plan.

More in the am or from Atlanta.

Before I run however, how many of you remember this great clip from the Newlywed’s?:

Newlywed Game – Watch more Funny Videos


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July 28, 2009 10:05 am

A second round pick for Stralman alone would be a very good deal. In addition, Burke brings in a character guy who for one year isn’t too expensive. That money will come off the books next year anyway. It also helps out Calgary by saving them a about 300K this season. Really though, minor deal for minor parts.

July 28, 2009 3:30 pm

Why does the film “THREE MEN AND A BABY” come to mind when I see all thes “character” players Burke is surrounding Shenn with?

I can see the post game quotes already “sure we kicked their butts,but you’ll never beat a classier team than those Leafs”

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