Burke Successful At Being Elusive

Two sports radio stations, three all sports television stations, 4 traditional newspapers, plus a gaggle of other media outlets all covering our Maple Leafs. Long gone are the days when there was truly one Maple Leaf Insider. I mean, there was time that the guy was one of either ?Howard Berger or Bill Watters. Guys like Mckenzie were always bigger than the Leafs, they were all over everything league wide. That isn’t to say that they didn’t get their Maple Leaf facts correct, rather it wasn’t their only focus. I know we get ripped for it all the time, but it is quite amazing. If Brian Burke gets a haircut, the media knows about it and reports it. We are hockey nutty in this town.

The question is, how is it that Burke is operating so well under the radar? In this web 2.0 social media, internet/blogger crazy world, where sports is a little bit like pornography, built to thrive in these mediums, one would think that there is a tap on Burke’s cellphone. Truth be told, very little of what he has done has been predicted or “broken” ahead of the time. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it seems that instead of Hercule Poirot, Sam Spade or Sherlock Holmes we are getting Jacques Clouseau. Seriously folks, how the hell is he doing it? The Kubina to Atlanta deal, did anyone mention it even as a remote possibility? Not that I saw. I certainly didn’t see the names of the guys we got as being on Burke’s radar. Before you go jumping up and down on the Mike Komisarek signing, I think that is case of throwing enough names on the wall and one of them may stick. Komisarek was clearly going to be one of the bigger names out there for Burke to land. The fact that any Insider had that one isn’t much of a coup. Did you hear anything on Primeau before that deal went down? How about Brad May?

Don’t get me wrong, none of these deals are bad, and I am not knocking the players. Also, Burke could just be better at keeping his cards extremely close to the vest. I just think it’s amazing that with number of Jonas’s following the team, so little gets out there and speculated upon. We haven’t heard boo on a Marlie coach. No one and I mean NO ONE had Dave Poulin’s name on a list. It’s quite unbelievable how stealth Burke is!

It’s pretty easy to dump on our friends in the media. So here is the question, do you think this more a result of their inabilities or Burke’s abilities? Let me say that throwing 6000 names on a list and then adding potential teams that all the players may go to isn’t where we should be headed either. That’s utter crap. I know it’s the summer and lots of guys are away (FORE!). It just seems odd that a guy as big and loud as Burke is, and as yappy as the agents are, that this shit is staying quiet for as long as it does.


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