Lunch Time Radio & TSM Game of the Night

Here are the lineups for the shows at noon:

On Baseball Show:


On Leafs Lunch:

Watters & Brady
1220 – Scott Howson – Blue Jackets GM
1240 – Greg Gilbert – New adirondack coach

College of Sports Media Game of the Night:
Well for the hump day edition of GOTD we are going to head to the pitch at BMO Field where Toronto FC is set to battle the Puerto Rico ‘Too Bad Its Not The New York Version’ Islanders in a preliminary match of the CONCACAF Champions League. If TFC beats the Islanders over two legs they will advance tot he Group Stage of the league. This game is so important for Toronto that forward Dwayne De Rosario chose to skip the MLS All-Star game and play with his teammates instead. De Rosario is one of the few players that has any kind of previous experience in this tournament so his presence in the line up will be vital. Puerto Rico made it all the way to the semi-finals of last years tournament and is one of three teams representing the Caribbean Football Union. They play in the United Soccer Leagues’ First Division where they currently sit in third place.

On yeah, that MLS All-Star game I mentioned earlier its going tonight in Salt Lake City Utah. The best of the MLS will face off against Everton FC from the English Premier League. Even though De Rosario passed on the game, there still is some Canadian content. At 41 years young, Vancouver native, Pat Onstad of the Houston Dynamos is the oldest player in MLS and the goaltender was a coach’s selection for the team. Just don’t let his age fool you. He boasts the league’s lowest goals against average at a paltry 0.71 goals per game.

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July 29, 2009 6:14 pm

Cool a soccer article, and very well written as well. I am impressed (don’t get that too often in these parts), I have really been liking your writing and site. Been reading it for a bit but just started to contribute (I guess that’s a single good thing Toth has done, made me mad enough to start posting here lol)

As for the game, concerned for the fatigue TFC might going to experience, they are playing all their main players in their regular MLS schedule and I am guessing for this as well. Puerto Rico rested a bunch of their players in their last USL game on the weekend vs Vancouver and are focusing on this tournament solely because as you mentioned last year they went really far and this is much more prestige than USL title, TFC hasn’t really decided which is more important focusing on MLS or this champions league, blue a few injuries to the defense.

BTW, what’s with TSN, they ignored MLS since it started, give TFC no love on air at all. But now all of a sudden is showing the all star game (and how bad the timing that TFC fans will be focusing on their champs league game and even TFC players are skipping the All Star Game) Who does TSN think they are ignorning a league and just showing an all star game, do they think they are an amercian networking commitment to the NHL lol

July 29, 2009 6:39 pm

Just want to state when I said “You don’t get quality written stuff like this around these parts” I meant the media in the city in general and not the site. Like I said I think the site writing is great, and brings something that many sports writers/personalities don’t have and that’s a diverse knowledge of mulitiple sports in the most diverse sports market in the continent and maybe the world.

Thanks for the heads up on the article, Seattle seems to have taken the TFC formula and did a good job with it. What the new MLS teams seem to really catching on with a more of a “party atmosphere” type of set up for the team which seems to be a strong appeal to the fans who come out. Adding in Portland and Vancouver for expansion in the coming years, the northwest looks like it can be a lot of fun for those fans with the road trips between the three.

Even though I did chuckle at the article when they compared Seattle to TFC ownership saying “There you have an international, cosmopolitan city with a very successful sports organization, the Maple Leafs, running the show”. lol I would guess a few here might disagree. But if you are talking marketing, MLSE are pretty good for the most part and know their audience for each of their sport, and I actually think fans are a little harsh towards MLSE, I think they put more of an effort to win and be successful than most give them credit for.

July 30, 2009 1:05 am


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