More Changes At The Score & Hockey Night In Canada

We told you before that ch ch ch changes were coming to The Score, well they have and they hit pretty hard.

Gone from the Score lineup are both Hardcore Hockey and Score Tonight. Tony Ambrogio is gone and that really, really sucks. He is a really good reporter and I am a big fan. I don’t know how Gerry Dee stays in his stead. Also gone are Steve “Eklund” Ludzik and Al “don’t cry for me” Strachan. Although Koules’s Hardcore Hockey is gone, he isn’t. However if I were a betting man I would think that he will be at the first real offer he has coming him way…

So apparently Strachan handled himself like a real a$$ in a rather large disagreement with the good folks at The Score, he allegedly insulted management and well, yadda yadda yadda, the camel’s back was broken. Score management, hope you don’t lose any sleep!

Over at Hockey Night in Canada, word is that Mike Milbury is gone too. Milbury gets enough coin from NBC and doesn’t need the loonies. I am curious who gets more tears, Milbury or Strachan? I ask this again by the way, HOW or WHY THE HELL IS STRACHAN STILL ON HNIC??????

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