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“”Can somebody in baseball — please, we’re all begging, people — get that stupid list out and move on,” Guillen said. “This is ridiculous. This is embarrassing. This is a joke. Whoever is there is there; get them out and that’s it. We’re going to continue being alive, we’re going to continue playing the game. But sitting here every freaking day, every manager, every player, responding to same question, it’s getting tired. It’s old. It’s not me. Every time I put the TV on, every manager is saying the same stuff we do.Little by little? Come on. If you’re going to divorce me, divorce me right away. Don’t say you’re going to leave me. I’m serious. If you are going to talk every night, ‘I’m going to divorce you,’ no, get out of my house.”

Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Whitesox on the drip drip drip drip release of MLB baseball players who allegedly teted positive for steriods in 2003. He’s right. The union will never go for it, but those in the game who were clean are being dragged through the mud as a result of the secrecy and the leaks. I will say this, if I am a player and I am on the list and my name leaks out I am calling my lawyer and getting ready to sue. The pre-condition of the tests was anonymity and now the names are leaking out??? What the hell kind of deal is that? It’s like keeping workers out on strike for 30 + days when you are trying to rain in their bankable sick days and then caving in the end….oh wait, that just happened too!! SERENITY NOW

Shulman was on PTS tonight and he was saying the same thing. Innocent guys are being painted with the guilty brush cause the names aren’t out there in bright lights. This is the proverbial bandaid that has to come off. If you released the names, it would be front page news for about 14 days. Then the world would be back to debating whether or not Michael Jackson had a fake nose (YES) or if he was really Tito’s dad or something like that.

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