New Maple Leafs Jersey Issue- Not Logo Related

So, little TSM said to me tonight, “I want to cheer for the Maple Leafs AND the Penguins this year”. Woo Hoo I said. “But who is their Crosby?” he asked. Shit. How the hell do I answer that one???? “Well”, I said…………………. “Did you hear about Erin Andrews?” just kidding. I didn’t know what the hell to say. I don’t know who our Sidney Crosby is. You know where this is going right? When little TSM was born, one of his uncle’s bought him his first Leaf jersey. It had his birth year on the back and on one arm his birth month and the other his birth date. That same brother of mine bought the same jersey for the littlest TSM. She walked in the room, hearing the discussion and of course said, “I want to chear for the Maple Leafs too, plus the Capitals.” The littlest TSM is a big Ovechkin fan, while little TSM is a Crosby fan. None of that bodes well for either myself (who would take Ovechkin over Crosby any day) or Mrs. TSM who is a Red Wing fan.

So as I thought long and hard about the question, who is our Crosby, or Ovechkin, little TSM said to me “If you want me to cheer for the Leafs, you have to get me a Maple Leaf shirt with their Crosby’s name on it!” Smart kid that little TSM. Hearing that, the littlest TSM of course said, “”If you want me to cheer for the Leafs, you have to get me a Maple Leaf shirt with their Ovechkin’s name on it!”

Now, what the hell is a father to do????? I feel a little bit like the Seinfeld episode where the Yankee has to hit 2 grandslams for the sick kid in the hospital. Getting the Leaf Jersey’s is going to be hard enough. Coming up with who’s name and numbers to put on the back, that’s impossible. So, TSM readers, I turn the question over to you, Who’s name goes on the back of my kids jersey’s??? Points of course for originality.


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