Sports Radio Takes a Day Off

Wow, with all due respect to the fine folks at both the Fan 590 and 640 Toronto, tonight was not your finest hour. The drive home shows tonight were, for lack of a better word, BRUTAL. Not one, both of them. How bad was it? I tuned into 550am to hear Buffalo Bills talking proud football radio. Consider:

Jim Kelley started Mccown’s PTS show flying solo. There is no question in my mind he was reading a script. His opening sounded as bad as his Mariott hotel commercial. He misprounced some words and then made inane arguments about the Blue Jays and other topics.

Up the dial it was no better. Brian Duff and Bill Watters talked Chicago Blackhawks hockey! Yes I know the Hossa contract is being investigated. It’s basbeall deadline day folks! Fake it! Bill Daily to talk hockey, geez! The Chicago beat reporter to talk Blackhawks? The slipper slope continued.

Meanwhile, Kelley fumbled along with Perkins, Shannon and Kirke. They spent a huge amount of time talking Argos Football.

Look, I am a big fan of sports radio. I really like both shows and the work that both stations produce. I say this a million times, the fact that they can find programming as often as they do is astounding. Especially at the Fan. There are times, and today was definitely one of them where I believe both stations blew it. Their prime shows were just plain unlistenable. Neither was compelling nor interesting.

Let’s hope this is not the sign of things to come over the next month as August can be preeeeeeety slow.

File this under things I didn’t know. An email sent me a link to a story that I simply don’t recall hearing anything about. Keep in mind that it was written in February of 2006 and I had litterally just moved back to Toronto with 2 kids, one who was born in November. Needless to say at that time, with new kid, new job and new home sports broadcasting wasn’t on the top of my list of priorities:

” Looks like Sportsnet Connected has been hit with a prominent short fuse.

A network source confirmed yesterday that Mike Toth, one of the network’s more colourful on-air personalities, is spending time in the penalty box.

Word is Toth mixed it up with a producer and was suspended. Already sidelined for a couple weeks, there’s no word when he will return as co-host of Connected. Toth is apparently still with the Rogers family, if his appearances on The Fan this week are an indication.

Before the recent tussle, Toth had made the occasional not-so-subtle on-air dig at the new direction the network is headed. ”

I had no clue “Tother” as he likes to refer to himself had it in him to “mix it up” or “tussle” . Can anyone shed some light on what exactly or allegedly happened??? Inquiring minds want to know! (that story, by the way can be found here)

Meanwhile here is a hillarious video of Toth from his early days where he used to imitate the great WWF wrestler the Honkey Tonk Man:

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