Should The CFL Become NFLjr?

Speaking of Toth, I don’t think he would take too kindly to this but here goes anyway. A friend of mine and I had a chat today about the state of the CFL and this market, Toronto. John Shannon on PTS took a strip out of the Argo’s coach Bart Andrus for how he handled the Bruce situation. Shannon called him something like the American College coach coming up here and putting his stamp on things… So my friend said in response that no respectable division one football coach, coordinator or assistant coach would leave that post to take a head cfl coaching gig. My response was that I thought (and I am rather clueless on these issues) that I think it would really depend on the market in the CFL. In my opinion, a guy would rather be the head coach of the Toronto Argos or the Hamilton Tiger Cats simply because of their geography and their market size. This is not a knock on Saskatchewan or Winnipeg, but I would think that it would be harder to attract that type of coach there for the typical stereotypical reasons.

My friend who is much more up on the college football scene than I, said that in his opinion it would be virtually impossible to lure a division one football coach to a head coaching gig to the CFL. Why do I raise this? Well it lead to a different type of discussion and one I want to turn to you. I said that, should an NFL team ever come to Toronto (and no this debate isn’t about that happening!) the whomever were to own that team would take on the Argos and that the CFL should become a legitimate feeder league for the NFL. I called it the IHL (or AHL) of professional football. I think this would be a great thing for the CFL. My friend rightly pointed out that the only way that would work was if the league maintained Canadian rules/content. I have no problem with that and agree.

What I am asking is this, if the CFL was the official minor league of the NFL would you watch more games, would you take more interest? I think I would. I think that the NFL teams would ensure that all facets of the game were top notch. This isn’t a knock on how the CFL does things. I just think that if it got the endorsement, the affiliation people would pay a hell of a lot more attention to it. I was reminded again today about how knowledgeable baseball fans are of their teams. I saw a couple of fan boards and chats debating the merits of trading minor league prospects I have never heard of. There was passion about current minor leaguers. If the Dallas Cowboys were affiliated with one of the Roughriders (sorry couldn’t help myself) I think that the interest in that team would be significantly higher as fans across North America would want to keep tabs on how their farm players were doing. I also don’t think it’s a bad thing to be a minor or developmental league. I don’t think it’s a slap in the face to the CFL. I think players would make more money, interest would be higher on television, coaching would be better, it would be a win win.

I am sure there are tons of things that I am not thinking about. I know there are logistical issues, unequal amounts of teams, how would it work etc. Maybe that is how the league expands, on the backs of the NFL. I don’t know maybe I am nuts, I am sure this is insulting as all hell to loyal CFLers. I just think it would generate a lot more interest.Maybe not in Toronto, the “event” city as one loyal reader once wrote about our fans. I think it would help grow the game.


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