The Rest Of The Boots Del Biaggio Story

Finance rates are low, mortgages rates are low, and there is no better time to buy a house. All sound like pitches from Boots Del Biaggio. He sounds like one slick dude who took some fairly senior hockey people for a ride. Tripp Mickle of the SportsBusiness Journal has a phenomenal piece about Boots Del Biaggio. One has to think that this is how the get rid of your debt problems business started, with guys like Boots Del Biaggio.

The reason I raise it is that there is so much crap out there right now about Jim Balsillie and what the league did with the RIM Blackberry guru that when you read what a slimeball Boots Del Biaggio apparently was it’s hard to believe that the NHL isn’t embracing Balsillie with open arms! Whatever Balisillie’s personal shortcoming may be, Boots Del Biaggio is, by all accounts a real slime bucket.

Do yourself a favor, invest the 5 minutes and read the story here on how Boots Del Biaggio got started and lied his way to the NHL secret garden where Jim Balsillie can to date anyway only dream about.

The Boots Del Biaggio story is here


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