Who are Top 10 Blue Jays Of All Time

The National Post had a great article asking just that today. It doesn’t look like we are going to be buying World Series tickets here anytime soon, hell we aren’t going to be buying baseball playoff tickets anyime soon, forget world series tickets. So with the Blue Jays reunion tour coming to town it’s as a good a time to reflect on the great Blue Jays teams of yesteryear and ask who are the top 10 Blue Jays of all time? That’s not an easy question, considering there have been some greats. Remember the task isn’t your favorite, so no votes for Cliff Johnson (who happened to be on of my all time favorites) or Luis Leal, Otto Velez, Domiso Garcia etc. Here is the list the post puts forward:

Robbie Almoar
Roy Halladay
Dave Stieb
Carlos Delgado
George Bell
Tony Fernandez
Joe Carter
Jimmy Key
Tom Henke (great game terminator)
Tie for last between Vernon Wells (stop laughing) and Pat Henrgen.

So obviously the caveat is that they must have played meaningful parts of the careers for the Jays to count. I am not a stats guy so I can’t tell you a guys career average, number of wins or any of that stuff. There are some names I am surprised about having not made the list, Kelley Gruber is one, Barfield, and Moseby are others too. Is my memory poor but didn’t Duane Ward have a pretty damn good career here too? although he didn’t play foerver, Pat Borders had a damn impressive career. Also behind the plate, Ernie Whitt and Buck Martinez. Iorg and Martinez too.

So Jays fans, there isn’t a whole lot we can count on looking forward, so let’s look back. Instead of buying this years playoff tickets or buying world series tickets, who are your top 10 of all time??

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