Burke To Name Eakins Marlie’s Head Coach

Don’t know if it’s a poorly kept secret or perhaps an after thought but Brian Burke is set to announce Dallas Eakins as the new Head Coach of your Toronto Marlies tomorrow. This story has been bubbling for several weeks, but it seems to have taken a lot longer to get done. One has to wonder why. Eakins has been part of the organization for some time. It’s not like they had to get permission or anything like that. Eakins retired and became a part of the Marlies coaching staff with Paul Maurice and then moved up with Maurice to the Leafs. So he has never had head coaching experience as far as I can see.

Eakins has been the Director Of Player Development for the Buds for a year after being an assistant coach. Mike Ulmer did a season ending interview with him about some of the younger leafs:

What type of player was Eakins? Take a look and listen here as Jeff Rimer and Dennis Potvin talk about him:

Guess he fits the Burke mold. Here’s hoping he gets an experienced guy behind the bench with him to help out.

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