JP Ricciardi Never Got Close On Trading Roy Halladay

So Toronto Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi was on Prime Time Sports tonight with Jeff Blair guest hosting. I get the sense that Blair is one of the few guys who really likes and respects JP. He certainly isn’t bothered by the perception or fact that JP only really talks to the US media as opposed to the guys n gals who cover the team here locally. Here is a review of the interview:

*Never got close on Halladay
* On why he went public with listening to offers for Roy, Writers get the story, then they all call and ask if Roy is available. So what do you do? We told the truth- it was going to get out, rumours are part of the business. In essence, we new the word woould leak out so we decided to deal with it upfront.
* He was asked about how the management had said earlier in teh season and pre-season that the team would focus on contending in 2010, yet this doesn’t jibe with trading Roy, did ownership send new message? Was this part of the out of town corporate Rogers retreat that apparently took place a few weeks ago? JP: No one sending any message here- we try to put best team on field we can. we weren’t saying we aren’t trying to contend, if we could deal Roy and that would make our team better then we would have done it. We didn’t get that type of offer and we think we will contend with Roy and the young arms coming up behind him..There was a rogers business retreat had nothing to do with baseball. We look to be a very good team next year.
* JP was asked point blank, will he be back next season. JP: No reason to believe he won’t be here next year. I have a contract and will honor the contract. Everyone tells him they are happy with direction the club has made. Drafted and developed really well contrary to what people have written. Problem we face is the division we play in. You will see it play out with Tampa Bay. It will be very hard for them to continue to be good. In our division don’t have to be good, have to be great. If I last as long as my contract then I am really excited for next season. If I don’t then that is okay too, that is the nature of this business.
* He was then asked if he had met the new Blue Jays President. JP: Don’t believe there is a new President. Beeston is the best guy for the job. We don’t press him on that though, it’s between him and Rogers.
*Never thought of trading Roy before recently when he expressed interest in testing free agency waters. We will listen, have to be ready to change, but we are not looking to trade Roy Halladay.

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