Burke’s Big Blue Hockey Coming Soon

Training camp doesn’t start until September 12th, but already expectations for an intense camp are running high. Burke is saying all the right things in the month leading up to camp. This is not going to be your father’s old Maple Leaf camp, that’s for sure:

“One of the biggest problems last year was the sense of entitlement here, I want every player under contract to realize that I will not hesitate to send a player on a one-way to the minors if he’s not prepared.”

YES!!! Finally!!! Chez Country Club Maple Leafs may finally be over! Funny how, the coach wasn’t able to get that done, but that’s a different story!

“I believe that toughness and fear are contagious,and I think we have some young players that got kicked around last year for no good reason at all. And I count on improved performance from some of those kids just because we’re bigger and meaner.”

I think that’s right. An NHL scout I spoke to told me that many of the new guys the leafs acquired weren’t as tough as people have said, however, he said, they will play much bigger with other tough guys around them. That should bode well for the littler guys in the lineup. Seems to follow the top 6 bottom 6 plan to a T no?

The good news is that Burke has the right perspective:

“Our goal is to make the playoffs and if this group isn’t good enough to do that, we’ll make more changes.”

Fans get the most frustrated with GM’s who refuse to admit they made a mistake. We don’t mind the mistake nearly as much when it is admitted and correct quickly. Here’s hoping that Burke is one who isn’t afraid to say I screwed up.

In any event it will be a very interesting camp for sure.

Question of the day for you all:

In which jersey did the following players perform better in:
Rocky Saganuk, was he better in 7 or 8?
Nik Atropov was he better in 9, 11, 19 or 80?

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