Balsillie’s Bid For Coyotes Alive

This was overheard at RIM headquarters after the ruling today:

The judge has done the right thing by allowing all the bids in at once. Sept 10 will be a fascinating day in Phoenix, I would suggest that more people will be paying attention to hockey in Arizona that day than on any other day during the entire hockey season.

Brunt has a great story up suggesting that Bettman may have screwed himself into having to fix this mess himself, well it looks like the Judge is setting that up very nicely. Stay tuned sportsfans this could get interesting.


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    LeafFan1989 8 years

    That’s right. Bettman and the fellow owners can screw themselves. I’m not gonna be a fan of the soon to be new team in Hamilton but Balsillie should put one there just to stick it in their faces. And then Bettman can realize that every thing that he touches does not magically spew money. Short, bald, stuck up midget.

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    lt67 8 years

    @LeafFan1989 Ouch….