Is The Globe And Mail Going Cheap

Word on the street, according to a few sources is that the Globe and Mail is taking their cost cutting moves to a new low (or high). Sources are telling TSM that a Globe sports writer was on assignment when they ran out of writing materials and had to purchase new ones. I mean, what’s a scribe to do right? Anyway the scribe apparently returned home and expenses his purchases which were apparently under $20 in total. These expenses, we are told were rejected and that the scribe was told that had they been more prepared they would have taken the required materials from the office prior to leaving on the trip. The reporter, it is said is sharing this story amongst peers and anyone else who will listen. Interesting times we live in to say the least.

Editors Note: It has been brought to our attention that basis of this story are in fact true. However the following details have been clarified. The journalist in question was not out of town, in fact the journalist lives out of town (Toronto at least) and ran to a local office supply store to pick up said notebooks, as they are not in the office all that often. The writer submitted the purchase as part of an expense report and was only questioned about the purchase, but in fact the $20 expense was paid by the Globe.

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