How Do you Rate Burke’s Offseason John Hughes Style

Have to start with a few tributes to John Hughes:

So, the question to you leaf nation is, how would you rate Burke’s offseason thus far? He improved the defence for sure. He got a good goalie prospect too. His team is certainly tougher. He has added some prospects to the cupboard. Yet he has added very little skill upfront. Knowing this is a long process, I think he had done okay. It’s a good first step. He hasn’t done anything that has wowed me. Yet. I am happy with the progress, but only as a start.


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August 6, 2009 11:03 pm

Based on what we’ve seen in the past 20 years or so; I’d say Burke should get high marks. He’s done more in a few months than most before him did over their entire tenures.

– He has created a true hockey department and staffed it with knowledgable hockey people/administrators.
– Improved the defence considerably.
– Added a top goaltending prospect without giving up anything.
– He dealt with the lack of prospects in the system by trading expiring contracts for picks (Antro, Moore), acquiring prospects outside the draft (Monster, Bozak, Hansen, Wallin).
– Dealt with 1 of our painpoints – we were pushovers and could not defend leads…Orr, Exelby, Primeau and the d-men noted above.
– Added bodies to make others compete for their jobs – in other words, a new culture that should have a much better chance to drive success.

Not bad so far in my opinion.


August 6, 2009 11:03 pm

Started off very good with the Monster signing, Felt he tad overpaid for Komisarek. Beauchamin was a good signing as well. However, could have done better than trade Kubina for ANOTHER defenceman. Might have been able to squeeze a decent forward or draft pick out. The Wayne Primeau trade was also odd but gave a second rd pick. Still no top line forwards but i guess we should see how the kids develop. Lookin forward to Tlusty, Kulemin, Bozak and Grabovski for sure. And can’t wait for Monster’s first start. I’d give him a B+. He didn’t do anything major but he did theoretically improve the teams biggest problem, defence. Have a feeling that the kids will show up on offence.

August 6, 2009 11:38 pm

we didnt give a second round pick on the primeau trade, we got one from the flames

S Cook
S Cook
August 7, 2009 12:40 pm

I think the key improvement has been the building of a foundation of a properly functioning management team to oversee hockey affairs. They are hockey people, and not so overly reliant on a single individual.

I think he has done a great job of strengthening the defence, which with the now added competence will help determine if he has the goaltender(s) that he needs.

He has I suspect purposely not added to the offence in order to a) retain cap space for mid season deal making and b) ensured that while there will be noted improvement in how they play, they will not win a lot because they can’t score.

He has sold the season ticket base, changed the culture and can still rely on a decent assortment of picks to replenish the prospect shelf.

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