How do the Argos and Als match up?


Since the beginning of the decade, the Montreal Alouettes have been the standard of supremacy in the CFL East. Though they fell in Edmonton last week, this season has been no different. At 4-1, they sit atop the division, with the Toronto dwelling in the cellar at 2-3 coming off a heart-breaking, last minute loss at home to the Blue Bombers last Saturday. If the Argonauts consider themselves playoff worthy, they certainly have no look no further than the opposing sideline to see the mould for regular season success. But how do they stack up position for position?


Kerry Joseph can quarterback with the best of them, but I think that Calvillo is latin for “consistency” (unverified). The Montreal pivot was named Gibson’s Finest Offensive Player of the Month for July, and in terms of backs, Avon Cobourne is a multi-faceted threat. When it came to crunch time in the fourth quarter last week, Toronto’s Jamal Robertson put the ball on the turf.
Advantage: Montreal


I’ve got S.J. Green as Montreal’s fourth receiver. If he were in the double blue, he might get thrown to 20 times a game. Enough said.
Advantage: Montreal


It’s all about limiting turnover, and Montreal’s line is anchored by centre Bryan Chiu and Scott Flory (in Montreal since 1997 and 1999 respectively), both have whom have been named the league Most Outstanding Lineman.
Advantage: Montreal


Though Toronto has struggled this year, they’ve nevertheless been able to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks with Adriano Belli and Ronald Flemons leading the unit. Oh yeah, and Jonathan Brown is on the nine game injured list. It’ll only get better.
Advantage: Toronto


Montreal has Chip Cox, Shea Emry Mark Estelle and Davis Sanchez. Toronto has the likes of Kevin Eiben, Zeke Moreno, Willie Pile and Jordan Younger. This is a tough call. Plus, I don’t want to upset a bunch of grown men whose jobs incude trying to dismember opponents…
Advantage: Tie


I’ll give the nod to Montreal’s Damon Duval if for no other reason than he’s been playing in the league since 2005. Toronto’s Justin Medlock has only four games under his belt, and it will be interesting to see how he reacts in the aftermath of his near miss from 57 yards last week.
Advantage: Montreal


Pretty much a toss-up between two men who became CFL head coaches with no experience in the three-down game. But Marc Trestman has 20 more games to draw upon than Bart Andrus, and has been to a Grey Cup.
Advantage: Montreal

And there you have it. The Alouettes are clearly worthy of being the 14 point favourites they are going into tonight’s tilt at Percival Molson Stadium. But hey, Winnipeg beat Calgary earlier this year…

-Marc Tessier

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