SPECULATION: Mets claimed Rios?

I’m sure people have heard the news that an unnamed team has claimed Alex Rios.

Here is a short bit of speculation, with little to no facts and some logic mixed in.

I say it’s the Mets.


Not a great farm system, first of all, so it’s a logical move. They can’t trade for a player like Rios, but they can sure claim him.

They have money to spend, so while the contract’s not great (bordering on terrible), they can still afford it. There’s no salary cap – why not?

They have tons of injuries, so Rios actually has a spot to fill on that team. Plus, he’d fit well into their lineup in the future.

That’s about it for now. I’ll say the Red Sox are a darkhorse, along with San Francisco and Detroit. Why? Just my gut feeling.


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