Alex Rios Headed To White Sox?

ESPN, the outlet that broke the Alex Rios waiver claim story is reporting that it may be the Chicago White Sox who have put in the claim for struggling Blue Jays outfielder Alex Rios. In other news JP Ricciardi was pissed that this info leaked out. He said that he puts “everyone goes on waivers” this time of year, apparently to gauge trade interest; however, when he was asked if Roy Halladay was put on waivers, JP said “no”. So, either Roy is not “everyone” or…. it’s not a lie when the teller knows the truth….

I love the headline on FOX Sports on the story:

“Source: Jays’ Rios claimed on waivers, but by who?”

Hopefully if he is such a STUD JP will get a ransom back right? I mean you don’t give away a STUD for nothing right?


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