Theo Fleury Looking To Come Back

Dreger broke the news and then Fleury was on the air with the Watters show. Here is the word from the folks at 640:

“Darren Dreger of TSN and Host of Leafs Lunch on AM 640 broke the story Today on Theo Fleury attempting a comeback to the NHL.
On March 13th 2009 on AM 640 Toronto, Theo Fluery was interviewed on the Bill Watters Show w/ Greg Brady about if he had any interest in making a comeback after good friend Claude Lemieux attempted one. Watters informs Theo that he should give it a try!! Theo responds with “It has crossed his mind, and You never know!”

Well, know this. There is only one thing that would cause Fleury to consider a comeback, MONEY. You can bet Theo is in need of it if he is thinking of coming back.


theoren fleury – march 13 – bill watters show


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