Blue Jays Couldn’t or Wouldn’t Trade Rios- So Let Him Go

“We’ve been in trade discussion with Toronto before the deadline to try to get this guy,” Williams explained of how the whole thing came together. “And the way the waiver claim was made was to A: hopefully resurrect talks. B: in the event someone else claimed him, we didn’t want him going elsewhere because we targeted him not only as a guy who not only would help us in our quest for the division but future seasons as well.”

Fascinating revelation by Chicago White Sox GM Ken Williams. So the two teams talked trade before the deadline and couldn’t work out a deal and so JP figured nothing was better than whatever they had been offered. I understand the logic. Better to unload the whole salary for nothing as opposed to taking crap back that you don’t want and have to pay for. Still, how does one weak season kill a guys marketability so quickly? Whatever the White Sox offered had to be total crap for nothing to be a better package. Jays had better hope that Rios stays on his current path and never materialize or they will join the Leafs in giving away guys before their time to shine and having nothing to show for it. Not cool if that happens.


you can read more on the Chicago White Sox acquisition of Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Alex Rios here.

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