Should Brian Burke Deal Tomas Kaberle?

4 days until the window closes on the ability to trade Tomas Kaberle. After that, one has to assume that Kaberle will be here for the rest of the season. Burke has said he won’t ask a player with a NTC to waive it so it’s now or never. Assume we trust that Burke gets fair market value back, do you Leaf Nation trade Tomas Kaberle?


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    Yes, yes he should.

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    It’s a no-brainer, he absolutely should

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    lt67 8 years

    I voted yes. It’s the right thing to do. Though I must admit I liked Kaberle and know that we’ll be looking for a PP quarterback like him in a year or two. But we need him now for what he can provide in return.

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    LeafFan1989 8 years

    If we can get something less than the pronger deal, i’d be happy. But defencemen like him don’t come about very often. And if we still had Stralman, the idea of trading him would not be as tough.

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    Not Smart 8 years

    Anyone who says Stralman was the answer is a fool. You have an asset keep him unless they are willing to lose their shirt in acquiring him.

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    Eggbert 8 years

    Before all the free agent signings I was all for trading him,but the present team intrigues me,and would be interesting to watch with Kaberle delivering the mail into the offensive zone.If Kubina was still here I would still want him moved.