Finally, Opinion On Alex Rios

Kudos to the Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliott for being the first to put together an opinion piece on Alex Rios and the waiver issue.

“The Blue Jays put Rios on recallable waivers last Friday at 2 o’clock and he was claimed … by the White Sox, or so we are told.”

So, it’s the Chicago White Sox who claimed Alex Rios. Interesting. Have the Blue Jays dealt with the White Sox since the Saratoka trade.

“Initially, we thought that if the Jays were going to allow Rios to go, it would have happened immediately, much like when closer Randy Myers or infielder Tony Batista departed. Myers and his $14-million salary were claimed by the San Diego Padres in 1998, while three years later, Batista and his $12 million went to the Baltimore Orioles. Both were windfalls for then GM Gord Ash. Now, we think the Jays are trying to work out a deal for Rios. And if not, they will allow him to go. Working 24 hours a day for 26 days, they were unable to get a trade worked out for Roy Halladay. Can they get a Rios deal done in five days?”

I can’t imagine the Blue Jays can afford not to let Rios get. Whatever they get for him to get salary savings will be done.

“Most have made up their mind on the GM, who is in his eighth season in Toronto and still looking for his first post-season game. We doubt unloading Rios would make him executive-of-the-year material. Would we be surprised to see Rios hit 30 homers, steal 30 bases and drive in 100 runs some day? Not at all. He has the ability. The Jays have a team payroll of $81 million this season and were committed to more than that for 2010 … for just eight players.”

Yes, most have made up their minds on JP. The question is, if Rios goes elsewhere and become the stud, who is to blame? Someone here was unable to bring out his best. Who was/is it?

“The Jays have attempted to move both Wells and Rios since May. If Rios was a bad contract, moving him gives the Jays the opportunity to get out from under it, as well as the room to make some moves. Is it enough of a savings to lock up Halladay long-term? Probably not, but it is a start.”

I think that’s right. This is a no-brainer for the Blue Jays. Finally someone I rely on commented on it. Read Bob Elliott’s full article on the Chicago White Sox claiming Alex Rios and how the Jays should react here.


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