Blue Jays Payroll To Be 100-120m Mccown

It was a stellar night for the glasses donning radio host last night. There are certain nights he is on and when he is, there is no one better in the marketplace. Mccown’s segment, which seemed extra long, with Richard Griffin was fantastic. Mccown, Sekeres and Griffin each provided opinion and analysis on the current state of the Toronto Blue Jays, their pathetic GM, their ownership group and their current interim president.

Mccown is a good host in that he brings out the best or the most from his guests. On certain topics his opinions are well just Sundin to New Yorkish. On others, you should know that he has good enough connections to know what he is talking about. When Mccown talks certain issues with the Jays he is more Sundin than fact. When he is talking ownership/management issues when it comes to the Jays, I am thinking he knows what he is talking about.

Tonight Mccown went on the record with some bold predictions:

He almost all but promised that the payroll next year would be $100-120m!
He all but guaranteed that come October 5th, JP would no longer be the GM of the Blue Jays.
He suggested that the Jays have the nucleus of young arms to content sooner than most believe- for the most part quoting Beeston
He said that Rogers is all but begging Beeston to stay on
He said that if they get Beeston to stay on (very unlikely), then the odds of Gillick rejoining him for 2 years increases dramatically, (“not 50-50 but much better than 0 chance”)
When JP is gone, current assistant GM AAlex Anthopoulos is at least 50-50 to get the GM post.
Beeston never believed in signing players to more than 3 year deals; he almost had a stroke when he saw the deals JP had signed
Beeston and not JP decided to let Rios go

Griffin was good with him as was Sekeres. I don’t see the clips on the Fan site, however if I can get them I will.

Mccown followed up that segment with a great legal session with Rod Becker. Mccown got Becker to break down the legal issues and possibilities in the Coyotes situation. It’s funny, I thought I went to law school for an education, little did I know I would need it to be a sports fan in the year 2009. There are complex issues in this case. Many in the media try to talk leaglise, most fail. Becker with Mccown’s assistance broke down the major issues and provided great insight into how things are going to work and may unfold.

Wow- I mean wow- at one point on the drive home tonight, Mccown was talking to Adam Rita and Brady/Watters were talking to Obie- talk about boring radio. No, not because talking CFL, but because those two may be the worst local interviews in sports. It was like the beachcombers meets Fargo.


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