Bloggers To Blame For Patrick Kane Story?

Do you remember this:

“How could Kane be this stupid? Everyday we hear stories of athletes getting in trouble and you would think that a young man with the world at his fingertips and a family that is looking out for him and is very involved in his life wouldn’t make a mistake like this. Then again, it is another lesson that can be used with our kids on the stupid decisions that people make and the consequences of their actions. I have heard from many fans at the both the radio and TV stations that I work at who complain that Kane is rude and doesn’t sign autographs as much as some fans feel he should. I have heard from various sources in the NHL who seem to think that Kane’s success has gone to his head and that he is not as mature as he should be. Immaturity is one thing for a 20 year old but punching a cab driver at 5 am after he didn’t have 20 cents in change is entirely another. Could Kane have possibly thought that no one would recognize him in his hometown? Is he that foolish? He has to think that being out at 5 am when your name is Patrick Kane can only lead to trouble. When you are Patrick Kane you can’t live your life like a normal 20 year old. Because YOU ARE NOT A NORMAL 20 year old! You have to live your life to a different standard especially in today’s times with cell phone cameras, Flip video cameras, and people looking to bring a celebrity down. Hopefully, the facts in this case will exonerate Kane and it will be chalked up to some poor communication between Kane, his 21 year old cousin James, and the cab driver. ”

Those are not the words of some “blogger”, rather from a respected journalist in Chicago named David Kaplan. Kaplan, according to the site “hosts Comcast SportsNet’s “Chicago Tribune Live” and WGN Radio’s “Sports Central”. From these cheap seats, that makes him mainstream media.

How about this one:

“In some circles in Chicago Kane’s stock has just gone up. He will now be expected to actually hit another human being on skates next season. It may not be a full season, but Kane better be willing to match his new reputation and turn a deaf ear to all the opponents who will be teasing the hell out of him in a downgrading manner. Dallas’ Sean Avery was suspended last season essentially for bad taste for making ugly sexual remarks about a former girlfriend. If it can be proven that Kane mugged a cabbie, commissioner Gary Bettman is going to have to flex his muscles and suspend him. Bettman can’t allow the NFL and Roger Goodell to have all the fun. He has to whack Kane if allegedly can be proven absolutely. The U. S.-Canadian customs frown on felony charges. Ask Bob Probert. They could make it tough on Kane getting to work between the two countries. They make it tough on you if you just have a normal passport. As for stripping his face off video game NHL ’10, forget about it. Like I said this makes Kane a hero some places and video gamers will see that it way.”

That from a guy named Mike Kiley who writes at Blackhawks Confidential, here is Mike’s bio:

“After graduating from Roncalli High School in Indianapolis in 1967, I moved to Chicago to attend Loyola. In 1969, two years before graduating from Loyola, I started working for the Chicago Tribune. Over the next 27 years, I worked on the copy editing desk and then covered the following: harness racing, thoroughbred racing, De Paul basketball, White Sox (starting with 1983 division winners), Bears, Blackhawks, the Bears again, Cubs–with one Indy 500, two Kentucky Derbies, a few Final Fours and some World Series (not with the Cubs) thrown in for good measureIn 1996, I switched over to the Chicago Sun-Times and covered the Cubs until 2006. Enough said.”

Clearly, Mike is also not a “blogger” in the negative sense that I and others are. He is a “mainstreamer”.

Why do I raise this issue?

“The question of whether independent bloggers should have equal status with mainstream media is a hot topic in the industry. But the alleged Patrick Kane robbery and battery of a cabby was not exactly a shining moment for the integrity of bloggers. The release of the police charges Monday morning brought an immediate torrent of abuse in the blogosphere for Kane, who was accused of beating a hapless Buffalo cabby for a 20-cent tip. Before Kane could explain his side, sites were saying “How could Kane be this stupid?… Patrick Kane is a stuck-up, rich, spoiled, bratty punk… this punk kid needs a ass beating… The best possible light for Kane is that he is a mean drunk, a guy who is not above physically abusing a 62 year old man after a stupid prank went awry.” You get the flavour. Kane’s mug shot was widely circulated. Then it emerged that the cabby – who has two DUIs and might have been driving without a license – locked Kane and his cousin in the back seat of the cab, thinking they were college kids punking him for a fare. The cabby’s own lawyer said the incident was a tad overblown. Okay, way overblown. Kane’s lawyer said it was the cousin, not Patrick, who got into any rough stuff. His client was being defamed. Suddenly it was a new story. But the damage was already done to Kane, who is supposed to be on the cover of EA Sports NHL game. As we said, not a good day for the blogosphere.”

HUH??? It was just the blogosphere who judged Kane! It was everyone. That gem from Bruce Dowbiggin at the Globe and Mail. What a load of crap. If you want to attack bloggers, there is a ton of material to do so. The Patrick Kane case ISN’T the smoking gun. The story was everywhere and everyone was carrying it. Not only sports media either. It was on, it was on Yahoo it was everywhere! It’s the type of coverage the NHL dreams of. Seriously, the Stanley Cup finals didn’t get this type of coverage. Here’s the reality, we will never know what happened in that cab. The fact the driver had prior arrests and no license doesn’t make his story less credible, it means he was driving without a license. Did the cabbie lock the guys in the back? Maybe. Does that mean they didn’t freak out because he didn’t have .20 change? NO. Does it mean they didn’t beat him up? No. Does it mean they were justified? Maybe. Does it mean they didn’t say something along the lines of “don’t you know who we are?” NO… Money and lawyers have a strange way of getting people to change their stories. Simply because things aren’t as they were first reported doesn’t mean the original story wasn’t the most accurate account of the incident.

The fact that bloggers were on this like white on rice is totally irrelevant. Bruce Dowbiggin has been missing from this market for quite some time. Now I see why.


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